Zé Vaqueiro and his wife are criticized for traveling while their son is in the ICU

Singer Zé Vaqueiro and his wife, Ingra Soares, received criticism on the internet for traveling to Fernando de Noronha while the couple’s youngest son, Arthur, aged three months, was admitted to the neonatal ICU. The trip was in celebration of Ingra’s 33rd birthday.

Arthur was born in July with a congenital malformation, resulting from trisomy 13 syndrome or Patau syndrome. The genetic disease is characterized by the occurrence of a set of congenital malformations and he has been hospitalized since then.

Zé and Ingra had a party on Monday (23) to celebrate the artist’s wife’s birthday.

When posting about the celebration on her Instagram, Ingra began to receive several comments and criticisms about the absence of her youngest son.

Internet users criticize Zé Vaqueiro and his wife / Reproduction/ Instagram

“Apparently the other child doesn’t exist, he never posted a photo with the child,” wrote an internet user.

“I even liked the singer Zé Vaqueiro a lot, but the little son’s expression of detachment remains in a hospital ICU,” said another.

“Where’s the sick baby? Everything even seems normal”, wrote another.

After the criticism, the influencer deleted and limited comments on her page.

Zé Vaqueiro and Ingra are also parents to Daniel, 3 years old, and Nicole, 13 years old, the result of the woman’s previous relationship. The two were also on the trip.

What is trisomy 13?

Arthur was born on July 26th with a congenital malformation resulting from trisomy 13 syndrome.

According to the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), a congenital malformation is any functional or structural anomaly in the development of the fetus.

In Arthur’s case, the malformation is due to trisomy 13 syndrome, also known as “Patau Syndrome”. This condition occurs when a person has three chromosomes in pair number 13, which can cause symptoms in the baby, such as mental retardation, malformation of body parts, microcephaly, reduced chin size and/or heart and kidney problems.

On Wednesday afternoon (25), the singer used social media to respond to the criticism. “We have been following the criticism due to our 3-day trip to celebrate Ingra’s birthday. We have been dedicated to his treatment for more than six months, since the definitive result of Arthur’s congenital condition (Patau Syndrome). The result of this is what doctors have called a miracle. Our Arthur is a warrior and is getting stronger every day. Our prayers are that this improvement will be greater and greater so that he can live alongside his little brothers. What I have to say about these criticisms is that we understand that those on the outside don’t know exactly what we are feeling, nor that Daniel and Nicole asked us these days to be together and strengthen each other”, wrote the singer.

The artist also added that the baby continued undergoing treatment during the period and thanked the medical team. “Arthurzinho continued his treatment with the full support of the hospital team. Now, we return home after giving our other two children the joy of celebrating the birthday of the strongest Mom in the universe! I would like to take this opportunity to record once again my immense gratitude to the hospital’s neonatal team, who provide us with moments with our son every day, even when I’m at shows for work and who accompany Ingra in her day-to-day life at the hospital. Without you this miracle would not be possible. Victory is before us! I believe!”, he concluded.

Post by Zé Vaqueiro countering criticism / Instagram

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