Zamalek decides to create a team scouting and performance analysis department

The administration supervising the football sector at Zamalek Club, represented by Ahmed Suleiman and Hussein Al-Sayed, decided to establish a scouting team and performance analysis team department within the sector, with this team being responsible for analyzing the data of the first team and competing teams, in addition to being responsible for… Contracts in coordination with the Football Administration, by collecting detailed data on the players targeted for contracting in the future from all over the world in accordance with the new policy established by the Football Administration to contract with new players based on data analysis and in accordance with the requirements of the Football Technical Director.

Zamalek scout team

Zamalek scout team
Zamalek scout team

The team will analyze players in the first team and the youth sector, in addition to players in the first and second divisions and competing teams.

The scouting team is headed administratively by Engineer Ziad Al-Baroudi to present reports to the General Supervisor of Football and the Board of Directors (as an unpaid volunteer).

While the scouting and performance analysis team will be technically headed by Dr. Mohamed Dawoud El-Shenawy, along with his own team, which will include analyst Mohamed Alaa Bayoumi (all of whom are unpaid volunteers in the current period), provided that other elements will be added according to Dawoud’s decision in case they are needed later in coordination with the engineer. Ziad Al-Baroudi and football management at Zamalek Club.

The performance analysis and scouting team will be the nucleus of a large system for discovering talents that works professionally within the Zamalek Club, in addition to forming an integrated system for analyzing performance in the future.

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