Zahrat Al Khaleej – Violence keeps Selena Gomez away from social media. One post is not enough

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International star Selena Gomez told her 430 million followers that she intends to take a break from social media because of what she sees as “horror, violence, and terrorism in the world.”

The young singer said, in a post on Instagram, that people being subjected to torture and killing, or any act of hatred, towards one group is a horrific thing, noting that the world must protect all people, especially children, and stop violence forever.

One post is not enough:

The star added: “I cannot stand beside innocent people who are being harmed, and this is what makes me sick. I hope I can change the world, but sharing one post will not do that,” explaining that no matter what she says in her posts, it will not make a difference, despite the fact that she One of the most followed people on the Internet.

It is clear that Selena is greatly affected by the current prevailing situation, as she shared another post of hers, via “Stories” on “Instagram”, which she attached to a picture of her half-sister, Gracie Elliott Teefey, who is 6 years old, and in which she wrote: “Having a sister for me; “It made me feel tragically ill. I would do anything for the children and innocent lives.”

Gomez’s break, and her post about hatred and violence in the world, comes about three weeks after she spoke frankly about turning her previous mental health struggles into something positive, last October 5, during a meeting supporting mental health.

Support Request:

In her speech, Gomez confirmed that she struggled for a long time, and felt lost and hopeless at times, noting that, in 2020, she learned that she had “bipolar disorder,” and that everything changed quickly from that time.

The 30-year-old singer explained that after she was diagnosed with the disease, she actually obtained the knowledge and answers that she had desperately needed for a long time, indicating that understanding this made her become more aware of her condition, and less afraid than she was.

She continued at the time: “With this knowledge, I can ask for the support I need; To be myself; To find my happiness again,” she said, stressing that she was very proud to say that she was working hard every day, and that she was very happy. Because she’s alive.

Save the world:

During an interview with “Fast Company,” published on October 3, Gomez explained that she never expected to be able to reach this number of people who follow her, and that she wanted to use this responsibility wisely, noting that when she was younger, She thought she could save the world, but that’s not true.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that Gomez has spoken frankly about avoiding social media, as in April 2022, she surprised her followers on “Instagram” when she revealed that she had not used the social media platform in four and a half years, as she indicated that she had organized… She has been posting on social media since 2017, by appointing a team of people to manage her accounts, stressing that this helped her in her journey towards improving her mental health and making her happier.

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