Zahrat Al Khaleej – Tony Khalife: I am not afraid of death and I regret this artist’s tears

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The Lebanese journalist, Tony Khalifa, said that he is not afraid of death, and he believes that everything in life has a time and will end. He added, in his interview with the journalist Asma Ibrahim on the “Screen Ink” program: “Everything in life has an end and I believe in that, but I am afraid.” “For my family and my children after me, which is what I fear most.”

Khalifa denied that he had wished death on anyone, explaining that the people he had been hurt by in his life had not wished them death, and that the world was not worth all that.

Khalifa admitted that he is not popular among his media colleagues, because he does not submit or sell himself, and he explained: “I was fought a lot in my professional career, for no reason, and my relationship is always peer to peer, and I paid the price for that.”

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I regret Haifa Wehbe crying:

Regarding whether he regretted anything in the programs that he presented, Khalifa revealed that he regretted causing the artist Haifa Wehbe to cry on his program, and commented further: “Has anyone made Haifa cry?!” He added: “I was new and impulsive and wanted to prove myself, so I was a little harsh with her.”

Regarding his experience with Al-Mashhad channel, which he runs and broadcasts from Dubai, Khalifa said that the channel was able, in a short time, to reach people in the Arab world, and that he rates it 8 or 9 out of 10. He admitted that he lacked a larger budget; Until it reaches the final level in the evaluation, and to compete with large channels.

Khalifa stated that he has a good relationship with his media colleagues, such as: Imad El-Din Adeeb, Amr Adeeb, Mahmoud Saad, and George Qardahi. He said that he offered Mahmoud Saad to work with him on Al-Mashhad channel, but he refused because he did not want to live outside Egypt. He also confirmed that he has respect for George. Qardahi, despite his differences in some political views.

Highest paid journalist:

Regarding his opinion of the highest-paid Arab journalist, Khalifa said: “Amr Adeeb is the highest-paid, because he has a high following for his programs, a large amount of advertisements, and he works with entities that have large budgets, and his program is one of the strongest programs on the scene, and I support all successful people.” And shed light on them.

Khalifa revealed his opinion on some of the hot topics that people are discussing on social media platforms, including the announcement by some celebrities of their experience of cohabitation. He said: “I am not in favor of the experience of cohabitation, and I adhere to society’s standards, and we all have loopholes and shortcomings and we do them in secret, but I am against revealing. And when you are afflicted, cover yourself up, and there is no one who does not have sins and errors.” He added: “Every human being is vulnerable to mistakes, but the misfortune is when the mistake is announced and boasted about, and I am completely against that.”

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The secret of the dispute with Elissa:

The Lebanese journalist revealed the secret of his dispute with the artist Elissa, stressing at the beginning of his speech that he loves Elissa, and that he hosted her in her early days. He said that during his participation in one of the events in the presence of a number of fashion models, an issue was raised and he commented on it with his opinion, so one of the models contacted Elissa, She conveyed his speech to her in a distorted and incorrect way, and in a way different from what he said.

He continued that Elissa took an immediate position on him, and then these disputes were repeated, and deepened more and more, considering that “fans” generally work to deepen such disputes, because of their continuous comments and attacks by each person’s fans on the other, especially since Elissa’s fans spoke very hurtful words against him. She did not stop them or prevent them from doing so, which forced him to respond to her at that time.

He pointed out that on a personal level, he loves Elissa’s art, her voice, and her performance, and he considers her one of the smart and educated artists. She is a clear and frank person, and is not afraid to express her opinions on all topics, and never runs away from this matter.

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