Youssef Fawzi, my brother. I used to send him the script so he could choose the role he liked

Monday 18/September/2023 – 11:43 PM

Producer Mohamed Mokhtar revealed details of his relationship with the artist Youssef Fawziexpressing his happiness with their relationship together.

Mohamed Mukhtar said in television statements that he considers the artist Youssef Fawzi as his brother and is optimistic about him during his participation in his artistic works, pointing out that he used to send him script paper so that he could choose from him the role that suits him.

Producer Mohamed Mukhtar added: He knows that I love him very much, and he is a beautiful artist and I am very optimistic about him.. There are people in my life who I am optimistic about, like Farouk al-Fishawy, may God have mercy on him and Youssef Fawzi, like that. My heart is optimistic about him and I love working with them.

Producer Mohamed Mukhtar indicated that he cooperated with Youssef Fawzi in the movie Al-Shatar and sent him the script paper, but he told him that he would immigrate to Canada or America during that period in order to try his luck there. He was talking while crying, but after a while he asked him if there was another artist who took his turn to inform him. Producer Mohamed Mukhtar said that his role is still there for him.

Producer Mohamed Mukhtar continued his speech, saying: The role is called by its owner, and he is a brilliant artist, and he can play any role of the Pasha, the good, or the bad, whatever suits him.. We missed him very much, and I wish him a recovery, and I pray for him to return to us safely, and God willing, he will return because people love him, and I love him too.

Youssef Fawzi and Mohamed Mukhtar

Statements by Youssef Fawzi

The artist Youssef Fawzi had revealed in previous television statements the dream that he wanted to achieve before the disease forced him to stay away from acting since 2015, explaining that he wanted to embody the life story of the world swimmer Abdul Latif Abu Haif, as they had a friendship relationship and had He swims with him at the club and encourages him.

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