Your words are a gift, but do not fuel conflict

Big Brother 2023/2024

Anita Olivieri told her story with Edoardo, the boy who currently occupies her heart, in the Monday 15 January episode of Big Brother. Then Gieffina received a surprise: her brother Leandro arrived to visit her.

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Big Brother 2023/2024

It is the moment dedicated to Anita Olivieri in the episode of Big Brother on Monday 15 January. The gieffina, after commenting with Alfonso Sigorini her life line, also talking about her love for Edoardo, the boy she was with for ten years, she received a beautiful surprise: her brother arrived Leandro to hug her. The two are very close and he didn’t hesitate to give her some advice.

The love story with Edoardo

A line of life where the presence of Anita’s family was predominant, but love was never talked about and Alfonso Signorini did not miss an opportunity to point this out to gieffina, asking her directly to talk about Edoardo, the boy who currently occupies his thoughts:

We met in middle school, I immediately fell in love with him, they teased me a bit in class, then he went to high school, one evening I said a prayer I wanted my first kiss to be with him, he wrote to me at that moment, we felt in touch and started dating. It was ten complicated years from 13 to 23, you grow, you form, you form your ideas, we broke up definitively in 2021, we didn’t speak to each other for a year and a half, I didn’t feel loved as I should, I felt like I wasn’t I always deserved things, but then I understood with the relationships I had afterwards, I understood that I deserved everything, I had a relationship that lasted a year, this guy understood, also because then when you’re with a person who has a history behind him such an important story, there is always a shadow behind it.

So, now, with Edoardo there is the intent to try again to understand if something can really be recovered and reconstructed: “In my opinion he needed to grow up and experience other relationships, my mind was busy because we wanted to try again, after four months here, I’d say my mind is still there.”

The entrance of his brother Leandro

But the real surprise was the arrival of her brother Leandro, to whom Anita is very close, as she also declared during and after the images that showed the line of life. Once she was frozen, when her brother entered she couldn’t hold back her tears:

Don’t cry, we’ll both cry later, my brave little sister. You’re amazing Ani, look how far you’ve come, I should be the big brother. Know that you left a void and a silence inside the giant house, everyone in the family misses you, the lightness you bring, the way you entertain us and keep us as a companion, we miss it very much.

Leandro then feels he wants to give valuable advice to Anita, making her reflect on her way of behaving inside the house, where her name is often associated with controversies, born as a result of her propensity to speak openly:

I wanted to tell you something, it’s a phrase by Alda Merini who says sometimes the bravest thing we can do lies in the words we choose not to say, you are always frank, pungent, you have a wonderful gift, seeing people deeply, but not everyone is ready to discover the truth. I hope you find a way in the moment of conflict, of the argument, try to listen to them, take a step back, listen to them because they are telling you their pain, you are here for the power of your words, but now you must use them to do good.

Finally, Leandro comments on the relationship born between Anita and Giuseppe: “I’m jealous as a brother, because if we had managed to have such a beautiful relationship, Giuseppe, lucky you who are enjoying it so much.”

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