You missed all these details in the GTA 6 trailer

Although the trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 is only ninety seconds long, we learn a lot about the game through the details.

After ten years of waiting, Grand Theft Auto 6 is finally here revealed. In the game you follow a couple based on Bonnie and Clyde, who lead a criminal life in the vibrant city of Vice City and the surrounding area.

1. More vehicles and animals than ever

A lot of vehicles pass by in the trailer, but if you pause the images you can see many more in the background. In addition to cars of all shapes and sizes, we see airplanes, helicopters, helicopters that can land on water, jet skis, speed boats, gliders, airboats, beach buggies, quad bikes, monster trucks and motorcycles.

It is also noticeable how many animals are in the trailer. We see, among other things, a group of dolphins and a shark swimming in the water. Pelicans, flamingos and ducks fly by. The alligators are impossible to miss, and if you look closely on the beach there is a very small chihuahua running around. The addition of many animals will undoubtedly make the world feel more alive.

2. Recognizable locations and a much larger map

That is necessary, because the game is becoming bigger than ever. The city of Vice City is clearly back, based on Miami. But in this game, maker Rockstar goes one step further by letting you discover the complete state around it. In the game this state is called Leonida, which is of course based on Florida.

Several locations you may already know from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City return in GTA 6. In a shot you can see Ocean View Hotel in the background, the place where Vice City’s Tommy Vercetti stayed.

3. Most detailed world ever

Although the world is getting bigger, there is still unprecedented attention to detail. As an example, the last shot in which the main characters storm into a store with guns drawn. Notice all the stickers on the doors. In addition to the advertising, it also states that they no longer accept cash that was in your underpants, and that you are not allowed to drink in the store. And it looks like the store supports payments with iFruit Pay.

The sense of detail can also be seen in the characters. For example, the male main character, who has not yet been named, has two holes in his left earlobe. There were once two earrings here. That may say something about the possibilities to customize these characters to your own wishes. In GTA 5 that was a bit disappointing.

4. It’s all about social media

GTA 6 clearly takes place in the here and now, with a major role for social media. Before you see shots of some sort in the trailer TikTokalternative, you already see people on the beach filming each other, taking selfies and even hanging out of the window of a car to film. It is not yet clear what role social media plays in the game, but given that the characters shield their faces with bandanas when they commit robberies, it is quite possible that they have to flee not only from the police, but also from people who want to film them.

5. Characters are based on real people

You know the idea that if you Google “Florida man” and your birthday, you’ll get your unique, bizarre news story? Some of those stories come to life in Grand Theft Auto 6 through the wacky characters you encounter. The woman with two hammers in her hands is based on a racist woman who has gone viral on social media. The man with purple hair and tattoos on his face appears to be based on the ‘Miami Joker’, who was arrested for pointing a gun at passing cars.

6. Clubs, gangs en shops

In the trailer you are introduced to various clubs and gangs that you can join or do assignments for. At the Thrillbilly Mud Club you can race through the mud with monster trucks and at the High Rollerz Lifesyle everything seems to revolve around pimping your car.

Of course, in GTA 6 you can walk into all kinds of shops for weapons, clothing and your car. One shop that the main characters pass by is called ‘Pawn & Gun’. Another shot shows a car with two stickers on it: one for Vice Vinyl and another for Rideout Customs. Chances are that these are also locations you can go to in the game.

7. Women have more autonomy

The Grand Theft Auto series has an uncomfortable history of dealing with women, but the GTA 6 trailer makes it clear that women in this installment are no longer solely at the service of the male characters. This is partly because you play with female main characters, but it is also visible in the details. Like how women in the strip club stand on both sides and also throw money and how the women on the beach hang out with each other and have realistic bodies.

8. Just harsh humor again

People are afraid that GTA 6 no longer has a strong sense of humor, but that doesn’t seem to be the case when we look at the images of the TikTok parody in the game. The well-known GTA humor is also reflected in the world itself. A billboard advertises the drug ‘Angstipan’ that ‘makes emotions better’. In small letters at the bottom it says that the sudden urge to blink can be life-threatening. You should also call the doctor if your erection lasts longer than four hours.

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