X Factor 2023: the last Bootcamp, amidst the boos of the audience and the confrontation between Morgan and Ambra

The latest Bootcamp from X Factor 2023 it is full of emotion and guilt. The circle is getting tighter and tighter, and it is normal for the judges to be called upon to make difficult choices in order to set up their teams and play for everything at Live starting on October 26th in prime time on Sky and streaming on NOW. However, it is the colleagues behind the counter who end up irreparably affected by their decisions and, above all, the studio audience, who, when faced with the strategies implemented by the artists, often expresses such strong dissent as to make the judges doubt whether they have made the right choice. At Bootcamp number two of X Factor 2023 It happens on several occasions: when Ambra Angiolini chooses to send Vittoria Gado away by giving up her chair to the Isobel Kara and, above all, when Morgan decides to get Alessandro Antonini to stand up and admit the Animaux Formidables into his team. «You eliminated the guy who gave the best performance of the evening”was the note from Fedez to Morgan who, for his part, continued on his path despite the dissent of his colleagues.

Wonderful AnimalsVirginia Bettas

The thing we like most about X Factor it is, in fact, the sense of participation that it carries with it, leading anyone – even outsiders – to cheer wildly for talents that we consider close to our sensitivity despite not meeting the tastes of those who are called upon to choose them. In this, the Bootcamp of Amber Angiolini it was particularly difficult because she, being the big softie that she is, has always struggled to separate emotions from work. The fact of being the only woman on the jury At the same time, it brings her to an absolute level of maturity because it often happens that boys team up making her feel wrong. When, for example, Morgan pointed out to her that the young Margherita Silvestrini didn’t do anything wrong in her performance, Ambra certainly wasn’t silent: «Unfortunately we hear in different ways”. The formation of his team managed, in the end, to arrive at five names: the very young one Gaetano De Caro, Isobel Kara, Jacopo Martini, Matteo Pierotti and Angelica Bovewho right now seems like the competitor Ambra has a weakness for – «Thank you for coming», he told her immediately after her performance, joining her on stage to hug her.

Morgan ai Bootcamp di X Factor 2023Virginia Bettas

Also Morgan’s Bootcamp, great veteran of X Factor, has, however, reserved some surprises, above all because on more than one occasion it happened that the judge sought discussion with his colleagues to understand how to move. Of course, not everything always went smoothly – like when Ambra approached him at the counter to tell him that, in her opinion, Simona Bonura had a lot to tell – but in the end we saw several worthy performances. At the end of the episode, the team that Morgan will select one last time at the Home Visits is made up of two Wonderful Animals – despite Fedez noticing that the girl on the drums was struggling to keep in time; Niccolò Selmi – perhaps one of the best talents of this edition -, the band of Manifesto – who offered a great performance to the tune of Pearl Jam -, Anna Castiglia and the Sickteens. Leaving aside Morgan’s elegantly paracula response at the time of Filippo Lapiana’s farewell, who according to the artist was so far ahead that «he didn’t need X Factor», everything within the latest Bootcamp fit together as it should. Including the tender empathy of Francesca Michielin towards the talents who tried to take their chance.

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