WWE: Not just John Cena and The Rock, Batista also wants to return to the ring

Batista is busy with Hollywoodhis career as an actor is very well underway, but it seems that he hasn’t forgotten his first love.

The last time we saw him against Triple H a WrestleMania 35more precisely the April 7, 2019after that match, The Animal announced his retirement from the world of wrestling.

Batista open to a return to the ring

During a recent interview with ET Canada, Batista He made it known that he would like to return to the ring.

“I know I retired after a match with my great friend Triple H, but my schedule has changed, my commitments are different, so I can say that I would like to return to the ring, even just for a segment or a moment of a few minutes, I feel like it would be great.”

After John Cena e The Rock will also return Batista? We just have to wait for the next shows WWE.


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