World news today: Milei wins in Argentina

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The ultra-liberalist Javier Milei he won the second round of Argentina’s presidential elections with approximately 56% of the votes. The Peronist challenger Sergio Massa – considered the winner by many polls – paid for the financial depression that the country is experiencing. Above all due to the inability to face galloping inflation (138% year-on-year).

The new tenant of the Casa Rosada proposed during the election campaign a significant cut in public spending, as well as a major program of privatization of state companies and essential services. He even proposes the elimination of the Central Bank and the adoption of the US dollar as the national currency.

Milei seems intent on preventing Buenos Aires from joining the Brics+preferring to link Argentina’s economy and foreign policy to that of the United States.

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The Armed Forces of Israel (Tzahal) they found a tunnel of Ḥamās (Hamas) under al-Shifa, the largest hospital facility in Gaza City. Tzahal spokesman Daniel Hagari reported that the tunnel is 55 meters long and is located at a depth of ten metres. Showing photos of explosives in the physiotherapy department, of an interrogation room in the cardiology department and of intelligence material in the MRI department, Hagari underlined the devious nature of the Palestinian paramilitary group: “This is proof further evidence of the cynicism of Hamas, which uses Gaza residents as human shields to protect its terrorist and murderous activities.”

Meanwhile, Foreign Minister of the People’s Republic of China Wang Yi received in Beijing the counterparts of the Arab countries, Saudi Arabia and Egypt above all. Representatives of the Palestinian National Authority and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation were also present at the summit. The head of Beijing’s diplomacy underlined the urgency of a ceasefire in Gaza to “cool the incandescent situation” and “re-establish peace in the Middle East as soon as possible”.



Defense Minister of France Sébastien Lecornu he reported that the Transalpine Armed Forces have tested the new version of the M51 intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of carrying Mirv atomic warheads (multiple independent warheads) at very high speed for approximately ten thousand kilometres. There modified version M51.3 nuclear configuration can hypothetically cause an explosion a thousand times more powerful than the “Little Boy” bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. With this exercise, Paris reminds an increasingly turbulent world that it possesses considerable strike force (impact force) and to be able to exercise nuclear deterrence at any time.



Under pressure from the parliamentary opposition, Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese publicly condemned the People’s Republic of China for its dangerous use of sonar near Navy divers in Canberra, labeling the incident “regrettable”.
Last week, the Australian frigate Hmas Toowoomba stopped in Japan’s exclusive economic zone to remove fishing nets entangled in its propellers. The officers of the Down under land they warned a destroyer of the Beijing Navy that diving operations were underway, therefore asking them to “keep away”. According to Defense Minister Richard Marles, “the Chinese ship came too close.” Australian divers reportedly suffered an injury due to the use of sonar at close range.

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The member states of the African Union and the Caribbean Community (Caricom) they established a global compensation fund for slavery. The initiative aims to create a “common front” to persuade European countries to pay for “historic mass crimes” committed during imperialist colonization. At the opening of the Afro-Caribbean Conference, Ghanaian President Nana Akufo-Addo said: “The entire period of slavery has stifled our economic, cultural and psychological progress. There are countless stories of families who have been torn apart. The effects of these tragedies cannot be quantified, but they must be recognized.”

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Charter by Laura Canali - 2023

Charter by Laura Canali – 2023

Charter by Laura Canali - 2023

The geopolitical review of the day.

Paper by Laura Canali, 2015

It is not true that Gaza and the West Bank are no longer of interest to anyone. Because of its prime minister, the Jewish state could soon clash with enemies much more powerful than Hamas.

Paper by Laura Canali - 2018

Bitter enemies on paper, the two actors can reach a tactical ceasefire because they need each other.

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