Women’s Paulistão: Corinthians beat São Paulo and win four

O Corinthians is four-time champion Paulistão feminine! And it was a rout. This Sunday (26), in a Neo Química Arena packed with more than 40,000 attendees, Brabas received the São Paulo for the second game of the final and won 4-1, turning the score around on aggregate and taking the state title.

In the first game, the Soberanas won 2-1 and could even draw and keep the cup. Corinthians, however, achieved an elastic score and won the Campeonato Paulista for the fourth time in its history, the fourth in the last five years (2019, 2020, 2021 and 2023).

This was also the third Majestoso in a state final that ended in the hands of Corinthians, who in 2019 and 2021 beat São Paulo and took the title. The sovereigns, in turn, continue with a long drought of Paulistão titles, as the last victory took place in 1999.

With the state title, the Brabas will receive a prize of R$1 million, while the Soberanas guaranteed R$500,000 with their runner-up.

As soon as the ball rolled, Corinthians didn’t give São Paulo a breather and, after 4 minutes, Vic Albuquerque he hit the crossbar after taking a first-time shot from outside the area. Then, it was Jaqueline’s turn to face danger after a placed shot.

The Sovereigns got their first big break with Rafa Mineirawho took a very dangerous free kick and stopped in a providential defense of Lelê. Brabas’ response was practically instantaneous, with Vic Albuquerque’s header cut off by Letícia Alves.

São Paulo was still in danger with Ariel, who received a free kick, took off, entered the area, but made a weak save from Lelê. And it was at the end of the first half that Corinthians took the score off the scoreboard.

At 38, Jacqueline He tested hard and filled the net for Brabas after a free kick. At that point, the decision was heading towards penalties.

On the way back to the second half, Corinthians expanded. And again head first. At 8 minutes, Gabi Portilho raised the ball in the area and Friction made it 2-0.

Less than 10 minutes passed, and São Paulo set the decision on fire. The jewel Dudinha17 years old, hit a “bomb” from outside the area and scored for the tricolores.

The celebration didn’t last long, as Vic Albuquerque took advantage of a rebound inside the area to score Corinthians’ third. And he still had time for more.

At 29, Jhenifferwho came on in the second half, had his first touch of the ball, deflecting a shot from Gabi Zanotti and finished the rout.

Now under the command of Rodrigo Iglesias after the departure of Arthur Elias to the Brazilian team, Corinthians broke its own record for titles in the year, winning its fourth cup in 2023 after the Brazilian championship, CONMEBOL Libertadores e Brazilian Super Cup.

The decision also marked the farewell of the Corinthians midfielder thank you, 42 years old, who will retire from the field after stacking up cups with the Brabas. The player received many tributes in the arena.

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