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The cameras went in with him. He left touches of quality and showed that he is intact after his time in Saudi Arabia. After 3,553 days, Ever Banega returned to Argentine soccer and Newell’s beat Central Córdoba 1-0 with a goal from the youth Giovani Chiaverano. Top.

From the beginning, Banega sought to transform himself into the love and lord of La Lepra. Near the central circle and with long balls, the red and black #10 pulled the strings and tried to constantly look for Ignacio Schor and Brian Aguirre. And although the line of five of the people from Santiago was practically a wall, Ever had the clearest of the PT: At 12′, he received from left to right and took a cross shot that passed goalkeeper Mansilla’s post.

Without much action, all the attention in the first half went to referee Luis Lobo Medina. The thing is that, 18 minutes into the first half, when the match was just beginning to come together, the judge invalidated a goal due to an alleged infraction by Ignacio Schor in attack. As interpreted by Lobo Medina, the former Platense player obstructed Sebastián Valdéz’s clearance, before Brian Aguirre’s definition.

Newell’s Old Boys 25-1-2024

The summary of Newell’s victory against Central Córdoba by 1 to 0

On the Central Córdoba side, the key in attack to hurt La Lepra was only one player: Matías Godoy. All attempts to break the zero revolved around the former Estudiantes. Of course, apart from the occasional counterattack and a well-annulled goal that he generated at the beginning of the complement, he was also unable to take advantage of his speed and individual imbalance. He threatened, but never made it happen.

Central Cordoba vs Newells EVER BANEGA
@NewellsCentral Cordoba vs Newells EVER BANEGA

After a short passage of the Railway, the Rosario team once again took control of the game. With the entry of Juan Ignacio Ramírez, who has just been Nacional’s top scorer in the Uruguayan tournament, those led by Mauricio Larriera gained momentum again. And after a nice connection between Colo and the kid Ian Glavinovich, the little boy Chiaverano, 18 years old, appeared to push her at 49′ from the ST! Tremendous. To make matters worse, in time, Macagno scored a goal against Godoy on the line.

On a night where there were two bank debuts, Newell’s took the top prize in the finale. For Banega, without a doubt, it will be For Ever Chiaverano…

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