With a video and a passionate kiss, Emilia Mernes and Tini Stoessel released a song together

Emilia, TINI – La Original (Official Video)

After the preview they shared on their social networks where They were seen dancing, singing and kissing each other on the mouth.finally this Thursday Emilia Mernes y Tini Stoessel They released the official video clip of La Original.mp3the song they made in collaboration and that in less than eight hours is already number one on YouTube.

As Emilia explained in several interviews and from what is visible in terms of decoration, outfit and song lyrics, this new album by the Entre Ríos artist from Nogoyá focuses specifically on the electronic pop genre and references the 2000s. The album is called Emilia.mp3.

Fun, with a lot of shine and star power, the singers released this song together which was highly anticipated by both of their fandoms. In the video clip, you can see the artists modeling and dancing and even in the lyrics of the song they mention great pop celebrities worldwide: “I’m going flow legend like Madonna in the 90s… flash flash pose pose look at my face on the cover of Vogue,” says one of the verses that Emilia sings.

Emilia and Tini dazzled with a video clip inspired by the 2000s
Emilia and Tini dazzled with a video clip inspired by the 2000s

This song is part of the third album that Mernes released, which will have twelve songs. Her first album was called Do you believe in me? and then presented Emilia live with his songs in acoustic format and with his audience. Both Stoessel and Mernes are currently two of the most recognized artists in the country and with a great fandom abroad.

At first it was not known who the collaboration of this song was with since in the promotional photo both of their tattoos were erased with Photoshop so as not to leave evidence and their faces were not shown. Then, They released the official trailer where the mystery was already revealed, you could hear some verses and see some images of the video clip where they were both seen kissing each other on the mouth. Finally, they confirmed the premiere day and their fans remained expectant until the official launch.

Tini and Emilia did an Instagram live together talking about the song they released

Even a few minutes before officially launching the video clip, Emilia did an Instagram live to talk to her fans and tell them how excited she was about this new release. In that sense, Tini surprised her colleague and joined the broadcast: “Hello friend, I’m ten minutes away from leaving.”Martina told the Entre Ríos woman as she was about to go on stage to give a show in Miami to which Mernes replied: “Oh, what are you doing here, I would die if you were on stage. I love you friend, I’m so proud to have done this song together. “We broke it,” he sentenced.

“Yes friend, we broke it, it was incredible. I love you, “I think we are going to show the video clip on the screens, if I can I will call you so you come out from the cell phone,” added Tini who kept his word because he finally watched the official premiere of the audiovisual with his dancers and his fans in Miami. She seemed very happy, she sang, danced and applauded.

Tini showed the video clip of her song with Emilia during a show she was giving in Miami

It should be noted that along with this topic, Emilia’s entire new album is now available on digital platforms, except the song with Nathy Peluso that cannot yet be heard and of which the artist is expected to make some announcement or special mention. Among the songs and their respective official videos that have already been released is Guerrero.mp3, GTA.mp3 y Jagger.mp3. Now it is added La_Original.mp3 that was with Tini.

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