Wissam Abu Ali exhausts the defense and seizes half chances (video)

There is no voice above the talk about Wissam Abu Ali, the striker of Palestinian origins, and the Al-Ahly deal expected to be announced in the coming hours.

Yalla Koura learned from his sources that Wissam Abu Ali is on his way to Egypt, to undergo a medical examination first before he is officially included.. See details

Classic striker

The Wissam Abu Ali deal is relied upon by Marcel Kohler and Al-Ahly fans in the striker position, especially after the team suffered from the ongoing crisis of wasting opportunities from last season.

Wissam Abu Ali is expected to provide many technical solutions to Al-Ahly’s attack, specifically in the “9” position, meaning the outright striker.

Looking at the Palestinian striker’s career with his previous clubs, we will find that he was employed in some front-line positions, whether the right or left wing, in addition to the outright striker.

However, despite his proficiency in the left wing position (he scored 22 goals and made 2 assists), Wissam Abu Ali exploded in the outright striker position, making 52 goalscoring contributions in 77 matches. “According to Transfermarkt”

The current Swedish Sirius striker, who is expected to play for Al-Ahly, is more proficient in scoring with his right foot and is proficient in heading balls, and he can also score with his left foot.

Wissam Abu Ali has some of the qualities that Al-Ahly needs in its missing striker, which made him excel and be able to score goals sometimes from half-chances in the shirts of his former clubs.

By watching the Palestinian striker in some matches, you find that his danger lies inside the box, because he is positioned very well inside the penalty area.

Wissam Abu Ali’s shots on goal are “like poison” and he knows his way around, especially since he is good at directing the shot with precision and power at the same time.

In addition to his distinctive attacking abilities and his proficiency in heading balls, the Palestinian striker is good at escaping supervision and taking a special position ready to score.

In addition to the above, Wissam Abu Ali puts strong pressure on defenders and has speed, which allows him to surprise opponents and turn half-chances into goals.

Wissam Abu Ali is expected to provide a great addition to Marcel Kohler’s squad in Al-Ahly’s attack, especially after the Swiss was forced to rotate in the outright striker position on many occasions, to the point that he relied on Taher Mohamed Taher in some matches.

Numbers from his career

Wissam Abu Ali played 176 matches in his career with all clubs, with a total of 11,486 playing minutes.

He made 87 scoring contributions, scoring 73 and making 14.

In just his last season with the Swedish ranks of Ceres, Wissam Abu Ali played 50 matches, during which he scored 26 goals and made 2 assists.

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