Why does Yasmine Rais have a Palestinian passport? Find out why

A number of the artist’s fans were surprised Jasmine Rais She posted a photo on her Instagram story Palestinian passportThis is the image that supports Yasmine People of PalestineMany wondered why she obtained a passport, which is due to the fact that her father is Palestinian and was born in Jaffa.

The matter goes back to July 2020, when she posted a number of photos and expressed Artist Yasmine RaisShe expressed her great admiration for the Palestinian city of Jaffa, stressing that her father’s father lived here and that her father was also born.

Jasmine Rais

Yasmine re-tweeted a group of photos showing the beauty and splendor of nature on her Twitter account Jaffa cityShe accompanied it with a comment: “There my grandfather lived and my father was born, no matter how much you deny it… Jaffa.”“.

In another context, it came close Jasmine Rais She has finished filming her new movie, “The White Dress,” co-starring with Asma Galal and Ahmed Khaled Saleh, and written and directed by Gilan Aouf. Its events revolve within a framework of social drama around two friends from a poor neighborhood, one of whom is about to get married, but her wedding dress is destroyed on the same day of the ceremony. So she goes on a trip to Cairo with her best friend to search for another dress.

Yasmine Rais appeared as a guest of honor in an episode of the series “Nasi Al-Tani” with Ali Rabie, which was shown recently. The work co-stars Mahmoud Al-Bazawi, Mohamed Mahmoud, Salwa Othman, Iman Sayed, Yasmine Omar and directed by Amr Salah. Participating as guests of honor during the episodes are: Mirna Nour. Al-Din, Basant Shawqi, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid, Rana Rais, Wafaa Amer, Tharaa Jbeil, Gilan Alaa.

And I submitted Jasmine Rais Her latest work in cinema is the movie “I Am My Lover,” which was shown last Valentine’s Day season. The movie co-starred with Karim Fahmy, Mohamed El Sharnouby, Sawsan Badr, and Bayoumi Fouad. It was written by Mahmoud Zahran and directed by Hadi El Bagoury, and its events revolve around a romantic love story that she lives. Laila (Yasmine Rais) faces many difficulties in order to continue this relationship.

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