Why did the legendary American late show host come?

Walking with his hands in his pockets, all dressed in black. This is how it was discovered Conan O’Brienthe famous American television host and comedian.

Why did the musician, producer and voice actor also come? In the photograph he is seen walking along the very Buenos Aires Florida Street, being recorded by a camera.

Is it because of the elections next Sunday, or did he simply come to photograph the city of Buenos Aires? Will it be for your cycle Conan Without Borders (Conan Without Borders)? Will your parody with Javier Milei continue?

It is not known if the photo is from today, but it was uploaded to Twitter an hour ago by @CiriloPrimero.

Connan O'Brien replaced the legendary Jay Leno on his late show.  Photos Clarín ArchiveConnan O’Brien replaced the legendary Jay Leno on his late show. Photos Clarín Archive

The parody of Javier Mila

You may remember that Conan made presidential candidate Javier Milei international news. The comedian John Oliver made an editorial mocking him, laughing at Conan, the libertarian’s dog.

“It’s hard for me to criticize him,” the driver started. Last Week Tonight. “I would react the same if I saw a photo of Conan,” said the comedian, but he was referring to Conan O’Brien. The sketch ended with O’Brien himself appearing to challenge Oliver.

One success after another

Conan O’Brien was “host” of his Late Night with Conan O’Brien on the American network NBC between 1993 and 2009. He replaced Jay Leno as host of the television show The Tonight Showwhich at that time was the most watched late-night in the United States.

But the network decided to fire him, arguing that in 2010 the audience had dropped too much since his appearance.

Among O'Brien's early works, he wrote screenplays for "The Simpson".Among O’Brien’s early jobs, he wrote scripts for “The Simpsons.”

So he had to go to the TBS channel and there he made his own program, starting from scratch. She simply called him Conan and it was on TV from 2010 to 2021. It was a late night with the same format – monologue and interview with a character, well into the night -, which turned out to be a highly awarded and highly recognized space in the United States.

Conan’s last show was a farewell and tribute to all the years as a television presenter. Since then he hasn’t done anything relevant. It was announced that he would do another talk-variety show on HBO Max, although nothing has come out yet.

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