Who’s who in ‘Griselda’, the series in which Sofía Vergara plays the drug lord

Some of the characters from 'Griselda', from Sofía Vergara to Juliana Aidén Martínez, through Karol G
Some of the characters from ‘Griselda’, from Sofía Vergara to Juliana Aidén Martínez, through Karol G

Welcome to the life of Griselda Blancoone of the biggest drug traffickers in history that, although it is not as well known as Pablo Escobarthe truth is that she was one of his godmothers within the Medellin postersince she was one of its founders.

Now, following in the wake of Narcostheir creatorshave focused for this new miniseries in this woman who created an empire within a man’s world. How did Griselda Blanco become so respected and feared by mafia organizations?

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Boss. Innovative. Mother. Murderess. Griselda is a woman of substance. (Credits: Netflix)

In Griselda Its story is told and a good part of those who shaped its history will appear. circle further intimate. Here we review some of the characters and actors who play them, with special mention of the singer’s debut Karol G and the participation of Alberto Ammannwhich this year is nominated for a Goya for the film Upon Entry. And, of course, Sofia Vergara, the undisputed queen of this new Netflix fiction.

Sofia Vergara as Griselda Blanco
Sofia Vergara as Griselda Blanco

The Colombian actress faces the great challenge from his carrera thanks to this character who is his first dramatic role after achieving fame thanks to his comedic appearance in Modern Family. To play Griselda Blanco she had to undergo long sessions of make-up due to his characterization, learning to smoke and take cocaine (fake, of course).

Furthermore, it is the first time that he has faced a role absolutely hero which is on screen practically throughout the entire footage of the six episodes that make up the series in which a fiction of the life of the Colombian criminal is offered.

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We will meet Griselda when she flees her country of origin, taking her children and trying to make a place for herself within the traffic of drugs of Miami. She will realize that it is not as easy as she could have imagined, and that a woman in a man’s world is not welcome. But she won’t give up and she will fight to create an entire organization around her by creating a empire thanks to narcotics.

Alberto Guerra as Darío Sepúlveda
Alberto Guerra as Darío Sepúlveda

They say it was the big Love of the life of Griselda Blanco. In the series, Darío Sepúlveda will be in charge of finding the protagonist and taking her back to Colombia, where her ex-husband’s brother is waiting for her. settle accounts with her. However, he will find himself trapped in a complex network of emotions and it will end getting married with her and becoming her third husbandjust like him padre from his last son.

The actor Alberto Guerra takes on this leading man role after having participated in Narcos: Mexico or with Gael García Bernal in the film Cassandro.

Karol G debuts as an actress in 'Griselda'
Karol G debuts as an actress in ‘Griselda’

This is the first time that the colombian singericon of reggaetonappears as actress and his debut It is still very attractive, especially if we take into account the magnitude of the production, which is a title that, through Netflix, can be seen all over the world and that he works with his compatriot Sofia Vergara.

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In Griselda, Karol G plays Carla, one of the girls that the protagonist will use to make smuggling between Medellín and Miami. He worked as a prostitute on the streets of his country and in a brothel where Griselda also worked in her youth. They will end up becoming friends y confidants.

Martín Rodríguez in 'Griselda'
Martín Rodríguez in ‘Griselda’

Was the right hand of Griselda Blanco, his faithful executor and protector, his main sicario, definitely. Throughout her career, together with her, he was responsible for 30 murders, all of them ordered by their patron saint. He is played by this actor born in Argentina who becomes one of the discoveries of the series.

Juliana Aidén Martínez is June Hawkins
Juliana Aidén Martínez is June Hawkins

It is the antithesis of Griselda, or what is the same, her maxim pursuer. They have in common that both have had to be done worth within a man’s worldin June’s case, within the body of the police. He was an intelligence analyst and single motherFurthermore, one of the few people in speaks spanish inside of unit and she rose through the ranks until she became one of the first female detectives in the Miami police.

He is played by an actress who gets her big break in a big production after various supporting roles in North American series.

Vanessa Ferlito is Carmen in 'Griselda'
Vanessa Ferlito is Carmen in ‘Griselda’

Carmen used to work in Griselda’s circle when they lived in Medellín, but since she left for Miami, it started a new life and opened a travel agency. She will take in the protagonist when she flees, but she will find out that she has no intention of leaving the world of drug trafficking and that, furthermore, she is using your agency for pass drugs to the United States, so their relationship will become increasingly tense.

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Vanessa Ferlito He became known in American independent cinema and achieved fame thanks to his participation in Death Proofof Quentin Tarantino. From 2016 to 2021 she has participated in NCIS: New Orleans.

Alberto Ammann in 'Griselda'
Alberto Ammann in ‘Griselda’

The actor of Argentine origin living in Spain plays the second husband of Griselda and with whom she began in the world of cocaine. Their relationship was full of violence and abuse, which is why it ended abruptly when Griselda left. come from him after feeling cheated. In the series we see him through a series of flashbacks who tell us what the protagonist’s departure from Medellín was like before settling in Miami.


The only man from his past in Medellín who will always remain fell to Griselda, and key person when it comes to help her to undertake his own business between Colombia and the United States. The Mexican actor had already participated in a series about Pablo Escobar, The patron of evilplaying Gonzalo Gaviria, we could also see him in Narcos and in The Queen of Southnext to Kate del Castillo.

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