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Among the guests of the Domenica In episode there will also be an exceptional singer-songwriter, Paola Turci. An artist who boasts a 30-year career, 15 albums and 11 participations in the San Remo Festival under her belt. The artist will talk about Mara Venier to the microphones, probably also presenting her next musical projects and perhaps letting herself go into some confidences about her private life.

Who is Paola Turci?

Paola Turci is born on 12 September 1964 in Rome, he soon began to be passionate about music and also performed in clubs. The meeting with the singer-songwriter Mario Castelnuovo was precious, thanks to which she signed her first recording contract. At just 22 years old she went on stage at the Ariston to present her song, L’uomo di Diritti, in the New Proposals section. She achieved many successes in her professional career, including three critics’ awards in the 1980s.

The accident that changed her life

An accidental event changed his life accident occurred on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway on 15 August 1993. The singer lost control of the car and went off the road. Her injuries were serious, to the point that she underwent 13 operations, most of which to save her right eye. A difficult event from which the artist seems to have drawn further strength, in fact, within a few weeks, she returned to work.

Paola Turci

Private life

Long linked to the tennis player Paolo Canè, Paola Turci married the journalist Andrea Amato in 2010 in Haiti. A marriage that ended just two years later with a simple statement from the singer-songwriter: ‘I wasn’t happy’. Only several years later does she seem to have found sentimental stability by meeting her Francesca Pascale, whose civil union was celebrated in July last year in Montalcino.


Paola Turci has an Instagram profile on which she is followed by 306 mila follower. The artist shares moments of work, but also of leisure and more personal moments with his fans.

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