Who is Mariano Cneo Libarona, chosen as MINISTER of JUSTICE by Javier Milei

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The elected president Javier Miley, who yesterday won the Balojate with 55% of the votes, began to announce this Monday some of the names that will make up his government.

Meli confirm que his Minister of Justice to be Mariano Cneo Libarona. Also, in an interview with Radio MiterI anticipate that Carolina Pparo will take charge of the National Social Security Administration (ANSES).

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A few months ago, the libertarian had validated key points for this areasuch as the modification of the composition of the Judicial Council, as well as the appointment of a new minister of the Supreme Court of Justice.

In this sense, when asked about the responsibility of proposing one of the members of the Supreme Court of the Nation, Milei revealed the name of his future minister: “My intention is to reach a consensus with the Minister of Justice, who is Mariano Cneo Libaronaand with the Court”.

Who is Mariano Cneo Libarona, chosen as Minister of Justice by Javier Milei

Who is Mariano Cneo Libarona, elected as Minister of Justice by Javier Milei

The criminal lawyer Mariano Cneo Libarona For Milei, he was always one of the main references on this topic, with whom he defined the main points of his reform of “depoliticization of Justice.”

To sus 62 to, be the face of the reform of the Judiciarya field he entered in 1981 in the National Court of First Instance in Criminal Investigation N23.

Born in the City of Buenos Aires and a specialist in criminal law, he is part of the legal study Cneo Libarona along with his three brothers (Rafael, Matas and Cristian), children of Don Mariano, prosecutor of the Crime Chamber for more than 20 years.

His name gained notoriety in the 90s, when he took charge of high-profile media cases that, according to him, were the two files that “marked his life”: the AMIA Cause, in which he had a legal battle against the now deceased judge Norberto Oyarbide and the famous case of Guillermo Coppola’s vase.

Javier Miley

After that stage, the lawyer continued with his defense in eminently political cases, one of the most recent being his sponsorship of businessman Sergio Taselli. He also continued his connection with the world of football, where he is legal advisor to Racing Club – an institution of which he is a fan and in which he sought to be president – and River Plate.

In recent years he chose to give greater predominance to his academic activity. After having completed specializations and master’s degrees over the past decade, he received his first doctorate in 2019 and studied at the Popoeu Fabra universities in Barcelona, ​​the University of California and Gottingen in Germany. Currently He is dean of the University of the Argentine Social Museum (UMSA).

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What is the judicial reform that Milei and Gneo Libarona plan like?

Segn public The chronicler, Milei and Cneo Libarona held various meetings where they talked about the modifications to be implemented on the Judiciary and its different levels. “They have several ideas in common about the policies to promote,” one of the people familiar with the meetings told this medium.

One of the main drawbacks detected by both parties is the stoppage of the appointment of vacancies, particularly the Attorney General of the Nation, as well as the main positions in federal courts. These would seek to be filled with priority before the eventual assumption of Milei.

Mariano Gneo Libarona. Tlam archive photo

We want to prohibit the members of the judiciary from any political affiliation or action.“, they proposed to Milei from the Cuneo Libarona circle. This is one of a battery of symbolic measures that they suggested he take, as well as the promotion of the absolute economic independence of the Judiciary and the elimination of decentralized organizations within the Ministry. of Justice, among many others.

In relation to the main names of Justice, One of the main points of agreement would have been the appointment of a new minister of the Supreme Court of Justice “independent and without political background.”as well as the reform of the Council of the Judiciary to reduce its political weight and the appointment of honorable and independent councilors.

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