Who is Alex Atala, the Brazilian guest chef on Masterchef

Here comes theAmazon a Masterchef. In the January 4th episode one of the scheduled guests will be Alex Atalapioneer of revival of Brazilian cuisine in the world and restaurant chef D.O.M. (which stands for Deo optimo maximo) in Sao Paulo. Due Michelin, among the best in the world according to various rankings and a hotbed of creativity. He will explain to the competitors how to combine multiculturalism and food biodiversityenhancing the flavors – including insects – but also the colors of the dish.

Who is Alex Atala, host of Masterchef

Alex Atala he was born 55 years ago (he will be 56 on June 3) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, but has Palestinian and Irish origins. He studied at the hotel school in Namur, Belgium, and then started working. He moved to France and began his journey in the kitchens of Jean Pierre Bruneau and Bernard Loiseau. He also lived in Montpellier and Milan.

The return to South America, DOM and other openings

In the 1994 returns to Sao Paulo, leads the Filomena and 72 restaurants. 1999 is the turning point year. Namesa opens, but also DOM: it begins a new era for Brazilian cuisine, with local ingredients and food culture that become protagonists in a cutting-edge and sophisticated cuisine. In 2009 Dalva e Dito opened. And right next door, in 2012, the chef invested in another project: a shop offering bread, jams, cachaças, preserves, cheeses and all the products of the Retratos do Gosto brand, while his rotisserie served the same Brazilian dishes prepared by Dalva and Dito in takeaway version.

In the meantime, between one new opening and another, he started participating in TV programsfood and wine events around the world, a write books. In the following years, the DOM chef developed the project for the renovation of the large restaurant with his foundation local market in the western area of ​​the city. In the name of food biodiversity and with the collaboration of Rodrigo Oliveira.

His cuisine and ingredients (including Amazonian ant)

Amazon expert (his father, passionate about hunting and fishing, took him from an early age to pick fruit in the forest), is known for having combined the Brazilian gastronomic tradition and cutting-edge cooking and preparation techniques, giving life to a new direction for the cuisine of this area of ​​South America. Moreover. His ability to enhance native products earned him the fame he can boast today. In his kitchen there are indigenous abelha honey, priprioca, rice from the Paraíba valley, cassava. Among Atala’s signature ingredients there is also la Amazonian ant.

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