when is discount Friday

Il Black Friday 2023 It’s getting closer and closer: it’s not long before the big discounts kick off Christmas shopping.

In this article we answer some questions, including the most important: when is Black Friday 2023? The date of Black Friday is not always the same, but varies every year depending on the day on which Thanksgiving falls.

When is Black Friday 2023?

The Black Friday date is not fixed on the calendar. The anniversary varies, as it traditionally falls on the day following Thanksgiving Day, the Thanksgiving holiday celebrated in the United States on the last Thursday of November. Consulting this year’s calendar, therefore, Black Friday 2023 will be Friday 24 November. But it is not at all excluded that many shops and brands will start the offers a few days before the official date, just as it is not at all excluded that the discounts will extend beyond the Friday designated for the occasion.

Furthermore, we will continue the dancing on the following Monday, November 27which corresponds to the so-called Cyber Monday. This is another day of online promotions which concludes the pre-Christmas discounts.

Black Friday 2023: what is it?

An anniversary that originates in the United States and that marks the start of Christmas shopping stimulating purchases with offers on all types of products. The date is awaited with trepidation by everyone, both on the consumer side and on the trader side: the former because they take advantage of the discounts to buy Christmas gifts at a good price, the latter because they see their revenues increase enormously during this occasion. In the United States, the event is so felt that many shops open their doors as early as midnight on Black Friday, to dilute as much as possible (often unnecessarily) the influx of customers looking for bargains.

The name of the anniversary itself derives from the large profits of the shops: black was the color used to mark the profits on the accounting registers, contrasting with the red of the expenses. During Black Friday, as you can imagine, these registers were colored black.

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