when artificial intelligence creates unreleased music, from Lady Gaga to Queen or The Beatles

The world of music faces a new challenge: union between fans thirsty for content and the use of artificial intelligence. Through this tool and thanks to the knowledge and drive of the fans, it is now possible to find audios on the Internet of singers performing songs by other artists in an almost impeccable studio version. Some of the artists face the creation of albums completely made by fans with the tool of artificial intelligence.

A sequel to a fan favorite album

10 years ago the singer Lady Gaga published her most criticized work to date: ARTPOP. At the same time as publishing this album, the singer confirmed that he would publish a sequel of this one that would include more experimental songs unlike the first one that was commercial, supposedly titled ARTPOP: Act II. Due to unknown reasons, but it is assumed that it was due to the poor reception that the released volume had at the time, This album was never released. Some of those songs that were going to appear in the second act were discards that never saw the light as Tea, Onion Girl o Sire. Of the three mentioned, only part of the instrumental of the song has been released Tea and several tweets from Gaga sharing two lines of the song’s lyrics.

In 2021, following a fan request to bring the album back to number 1 after eight years and asking the artist to publish the sequel as a reward, Lady Gaga once again mentioned the long-awaited second act of ARTPOPthanking the request and sharing: «The request to buy ARTPOP on iTunes to get a second volume has warmed my heart. Thank you for celebrating something that meant destruction. We always believed that he was ahead of his time. Years later it seems that, sometimes, artists recognize it.”.

Fans get ahead of the artist

Because Gaga has not commented on publishing it for her tenth anniversary on November 11, the singer’s fans have decided to get to work and have control of the situation and have decided to create something that has never been seen before. Until now: create the second act of ARTPOP through artificial intelligence.

For this, a group of fans have come together to produce, complete and write all those songs that were going to be found in the unpublished sequel. They have been responsible for producing a complete instrumental for those songs that only have a fragment on the Internet, as in the case of Teacomposing the lyrics and the rhythm over instrumentals that were supposedly the originals, as has happened with Onion Girl and make a complete vocal and instrumental production of which nothing is known as Sire.

As for the voice, it has been learned that they have recorded the song as if it were theirs and, later, they have used artificial intelligence to make it appear that the voice that sings the songs is Lady Gaga’s. The album, that will not be monetized for legal reasonsis available on YouTube through the user Originals by Little Monsters.

Other artists, on the warpath

The world does not stop doubting the incredible effectiveness of this tool to make a song believable lately. But, Artificial intelligence also helps to create music as has been the case of the legendary band The Beatles, who have just published their last song in their career titled Now and Then, which through artificial intelligence, has been able to complete the song that until now was unreleased. In this way, it is shown that AI is going to become something from which money can be made, musically speaking. Get ready for Michael Jackson or David Bowie, who will probably be the next to have unpublished material published through AI.

On the other hand, a alleged song by pop princess Britney Spears titled I Came To Dance, outtake from one of their latest albums. A demo of the song performed by Sean Paul and Eden Wilson, writer of the song, was leaked in its entirety some time ago. This is why Britney Spears’ followers have turned to AI to make Wilson’s voice Spears’ and have shared fragments that have made fans doubt the veracity of the topic. Given this situation, Wilson has confirmed that the song is real and that the original version they recorded together sounded the same which is manipulated by artificial intelligence with Spears’ voice. The complete song performed by IA is published in its entirety on YouTube.

The last old school artist to take up arms was Sting, at the end of the summer. In an interview on the BBC, the musician categorically disdained the use of artificial intelligence (AI): «Maybe for music dance and electronics work, but for songs that express emotions, I don’t think it moves me.”said the British musician. And not only that: he asked to close ranks against this technology. “It will be a fight that we will all have to fight in the coming years: defending our human capital against AI,” he added, using war terms.

Given all this new wave of music made by AI, few have dared to make statements, except in the case of Nick Cave, who upon listening to a song made by artificial intelligence with his voice, said it was “bullshit, a grotesque mockery of what it is to be human.”. On the other hand, the singer Cher was upset about the use of her AI voice in a Madonna songwhich she has referred to as “I have spent my entire life trying to be myself, and now these assholes want to steal my voice.”

At the same time, Artificial intelligence not only creates music, it also makes other singers do covers from other songsas is the case of Frank Sinatra singing Paint It Black of the Rolling Stones or Freddie Mercury singing Adele songs. Due to the quality of the tool currently, You have to tune your ears very well to discover if what you hear is a hoax or something real.

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