what it is and how it works

The 2024 pet bonus or pet bonus is arriving. The government has included it in the newly approved budget law.

There was talk of pets bonus for some time and now, for the 2024, here it comes. The Government, in fact, has included it in the recently approved Libra law. With this measure, aid was allocated for the payment of visits, surgical operations and the purchase of medicines for dogs, cats and other companion animals. Let’s find out how does it work e who can request it.

Pet bonus 2024: what it is

Between 2024 bonus provided by the Government there is also one relating to pets which was officially announced with the publication of the text of the Maneuver in the Official Journal.

But what does it consist of? It is a bottom of the Ministry of Health which will serve to “support owners of pets in paying for veterinary visits and veterinary surgical operations as well as in the purchase of veterinary drugs”.

The Government has provided allocations for a total of 750 thousand euros in three years (2024-2026). The resources are divided as follows: 250 thousand euros for 2024; 250 thousand euros for 2025; 250 thousand euros for 2026.

The bonus therefore refers to all those “pets” o “from company” or all animals “kept, or intended to be kept, by man for company or affection without production or food purposesincluding those that carry out activities useful to humans, such as dogs for disabled people, pet therapy animals, rehabilitation animals and animals used in advertising”.

In fact, all pets whose ownership can be certified. The categories of animals involved are those of dogs, cats, rodents, rabbits, ferrets and birds, with the exception of poultry.

How it works and who can request it

Not all people can request such bonus. It is Reserved “to owners of pets who have a ISEE value less than 16,215 euros e aged over 65“.

At the moment no data have been provided to request it but these will be made available within 90 days of the entry into force of the Budget Law.

No change regarding the validity of the deductions of veterinary expenses in the tax return which remains equal to 19% of the veterinary expenses incurred up to a maximum amount of 550 euros, for the part that exceeds the deductible of 129.11 euros.

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