What is the strange “white Malbec” like, its peculiarities and how much does it cost?

This November 24, Argentine Wine Day is celebrated and, regarding this, we will tell you about a Mendoza malbec that catches the attention of more than one for its particularity: the Trivento Reserve White Malbec. Although it is not new (it has been marketed for some years), its appearance never ceases to surprise because it is a wine made from a red grape, but its color is white.

How is it possible for a red grape wine to have a white color?

Despite coming from the red Malbec grape, Trivento White Malbec achieves its white color by removing the skins before fermentation, which prevents its pigments from turning the wine red.

In terms of its aromas and flavors, it has profiles similar to Malbec red wines, with notes of dark fruits such as plums and blackberries. Although spicy and herbaceous nuances can also be present.

It is worth noting that white winemaking can highlight the freshness and acidity of the wine, offering a different experience than red Malbec wines. Like its body, which can be a little lighter than that of traditional Malbecs.

“The harvest begins the last week of January when the veraison of the bunches has just finished. Gentle grinding with immediate destemming and pressing to prevent pigmentation. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 15 days at 15oC. Then the wine is filtered, clarified and stabilized to be bottled,” explains the website that sells these bottles. Its price is between $3000 and $4000 depending on where it is purchased and current promotions.

How to pair a white Malbec?

According to specialists, this wine can be paired well with fish, shellfish, poultry and lighter dishes. Its freshness and acidity can make it suitable for situations where a white wine is preferred.

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