What is “tabula rasa”, the position that Milei said he was willing to take after Sunday’s elections

After knowing the results of the general elections, in which Sergio Massa obtained first place and Javier Milei the secondthe La Libertad Avanza candidate gave a speech in his bunker.

The libertarian called for unity and invited the voters of Together for Change to join his space “to end Kirchnerism.”

“Today is a historic day, two-thirds of Argentines voted for a change, for an alternative to this government of criminals that wants to mortgage our future to remain in power,” he began.

“During all these months, the campaign made many of us who want change see ourselves confronted; That is why I come to end this process of aggressions and attacks and I am willing to do taste budsto shuffle and give again with the aim of ending Kirchnerism,” he continued.

What does tabula rasa mean?

The concept “tabula rasa”, used by Javier Milei in his speech, refers to a clean table or blackboard, without writing. The concept refers to that which lacks past facts or content.

Some philosophers use it to describe, in their view, the way in which people are born: with a blank mind.

This thinking indicates that people do not have any innate abilities or knowledge, but rather develop them through experience and learning.

Tabula rasa.  (illustrative image)
Tabula rasa. (illustrative image)

In this sense, this Monday Javier Milei confessed on Radio Miter that he was “speaking these days with the former president” and that he is “willing to listen to Macri” because he considers that “his experience has been very valuable.”

In addition, he explained: “I have a very good relationship with engineer Macri, I listen to him a lot.” And he added: “One of the things we have talked about with him is that he acknowledged that I had the openness to offer an internship. We resolved it in a harsher way, but the enemy continues to be Kirchnerism. I invite you to participate, to join me in this fight against Kirchnerism. We are going to receive them. “Who am I to despise the experience of high-ranking professionals?”

Finally, he went deeper: “There are two thirds of Argentina who want something else; If we do not end Kirchnerism it is because we are irresponsible. “I, being the one who entered the ballot, open the game to the rest because I am not going to be burdened with the madness of enabling another period of Kirchnerism and who knows what next.”

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