What is known about mother and 3 daughters killed in MT

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O brutal murder of a mother and three daughters, which occurred last weekendshocked residents of the city of Sorriso, in the north of Mato Grosso.

Cleci Calvi Cardoso, aged 46, Miliane Calvi Cardoso, aged 19, Manuela Calvi Cardoso, aged 13, and Melissa Calvi Cardoso, aged 10, were found dead on Monday (27).

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Neighbors of the victims called the police after noticing the family’s absence. When teams arrived at the scene, they found the mother and daughters dead inside the house, with marks of injuries caused by a sharp weapon.

• Who is the man who confessed to killing his mother and daughters?

According to the Civil Police, Gilberto Rodrigues dos Anjos, 32 years old, confessed to the crime. He was a bricklayer and worked on a construction site next to the victims’ house. Five other men worked on the construction, but only Gilberto slept there.

During checking personal data, the police team discovered that there were two outstanding arrest warrants against him, one by the District of Lucas do Rio Verde for crime sexualand another by the District of Mineiros, in Goiás, by crime of robbery.

• How did he break into the family home?

Surveys by the technical expertise team showed that the criminal entered the victims’ residence through the bathroom window.

Taken to the police station and questioned, he admitted committing the crime and said that, after using drugs, he broke into the house on Friday night (24) with the intention of stealing.

• Mother tried to stop crime and was stabbed

The man told police that when he was confronted by the children’s mother, they both got into a confrontation and he grabbed a knife to attack her.

At that moment, the eldest daughter, aged 19, left the room to help her mother and was also attacked.

After stabbing three victims and, while they were still in agony, he committed sexual abuse against their mother and two daughters. The 10-year-old girl died of asphyxiation.

• “Footprints” on the floor helped police locate man

Police reported that they found scuff marks on the blood-stained floor in the victims’ home.

When inspecting the suspect’s belongings, the civil police officers found a slipper with the same characteristics as the marks on the floor of the family’s residence and it was confirmed by forensics that it was the same footwear.

• An intimate item was found on him

After killing his family, according to the police, Gilberto left the house through the same window and returned to the construction site, where he removed his blood-stained clothes and stored them in a container.

The Civil Police located the clothes and sent them to forensics. In the bag, there was also a piece of underwear belonging to one of the victims.

• Transferred to a prison in a neighboring city

On Monday afternoon (27), the confessed perpetrator of the murders was transferred to the Dr. Osvaldo Florentino Leite Ferreira Penitentiary, in Sinop, in an aircraft from the Integrated Air Operations Center.

Given the commotion in the city and to guarantee the prisoner’s safety, police chief Bruno França Ferreira requested his transfer to the penitentiary in the neighboring city.

• Arrested for murder and rape

The perpetrator of the four deaths was charged with the crimes of qualified homicide and rape against two adult victims; qualified homicide and rape of a vulnerable person against the 12-year-old victim and qualified homicide against the 10-year-old child.

• Man broke into another house and raped resident 2 months ago

According to the Civil Police, in September this year, the criminal broke into another residence and committed sexual abuse against a victim, who was sleeping.

After the crime, he still tried to kill the victim who managed to react, but was injured with a stab wound to the neck. Another victim who was also in the house tried to intervene and was punched in the face by the suspect, causing injuries to his right eye. After the crimes, the criminal fled on a bicycle and, until then, had not been located.

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