What does the gold, frankincense and myrrh that brought to Jesus mean?

Like every end of the year, the holidays are positioned as the main events prior to the start of a new year. These celebrations have been used as an excuse to get together as a family and distribute gifts, although They were originally created by facts that are carefully reviewed in the The Bible such as, for example, gifts from wise men to the baby Jesus.

The traditional celebration of January 6th arose as a memory of the three gifts that Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar gave to Jesus for his birth in the Portal of Bethlehem: gold, incense and myrrh. Although they may seem like three gifts without coherence that today are simply replicated in the manger, the truth is that the three gifts respond to certain characteristics.

For example, gold symbolizes purity, since it is a metal that did not alter or lose its color and shine, added to the economic value that it always had. Furthermore, gold was always a gift intended for kings.

January 6 is the day of the Three Wise Men Festival.January 6 is the day of the Three Wise Men Festival.

The wise men correspond to three kings whose origin dates back to the text ‘Liber Pontifiacalis’, where it is explained that Gaspar was known as the king of indiato Melchior as the king of persiawhile Baltasar was the rey of Arabia o Ethiopia.

While, Incense was also a typical gift for the gods. The Jewish religionand also the Hebrew women, maintained that by giving incense to God they recognized him as divinity and son of God.

Finally, myrrh recognized Jesus as a man, since it was used to embalm the dead. Likewise, it was also used as an anesthetic, usually mixed with wine. This leads to it being interpreted as Jesus, son of Godcame to take away pain from the world.

Medicinal effects of frankincense and myrrh

Although they are characteristic mainly at parties, both inceso and marra were studied by Dr. Ahmed Ali, a scientist at Cardiff University, in the United Kingdom, to find out if they really had some type of healing property.

In response to several studies, it has been discovered that Somali frankincense, also known as “magic incense”, can be used in various treatments thanks to its different chemical profile compared to other types of incense. incense.

“We discovered that when a variety of Somali frankincense is extracted, it can be used to mitigate the metastasis of cancer cells in vitro. That is, it can stop the spread of cancer,” said the researcher in statements to the BBC.

Medicinal effects of frankincense and myrrhMedicinal effects of frankincense and myrrh

Meanwhile, myrrh was studied for its possible benefits against cancer. “If you’re looking for a combination of something like a myrrh extract, which targets cancer cells and kills them without harming healthy cells, with a incense extractwhich prevents cancer from spreading further, so that could be a great combination,” the doctor explained.

“It can be used to help with arthritis. It also seems particularly effective in reducing symptoms of ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel condition. Frankincense can also help prevent gum disease,” she concluded.

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