“What are you even concerned about?”

Isa Hoes is completely annoyed by Bram Bakker. She thinks the addiction expert and former psychiatrist is far too bold. “What are you interfering with? Who are you really?”


Bram Bakker has been active as a psychiatrist for many years and the gossip media still regularly ask him to analyze the behavior of celebrities. He is also featured in the latest Weekend, in which, as an addiction expert, he gives his opinion about the fact that Dave Roelvink spent an evening with Tino Martin shortly after detoxing.

Critical about Tino

It is no secret that Tino is a drinking organ and Bram therefore thinks it is unwise. “I think it’s too daring, too fast. Especially in those first weeks and months, you must have full focus on your recovery. I always strongly recommend that you attend a lot of self-help group meetings during that first period.”

Tino is actually the last person you should contact, Bram explains. “I’m not a fan of, for example, Tino being filmed heavily intoxicated. (…) I don’t think it’s a good example – whether your name is Tino Martin or who knows who: just don’t do it.”

Isa quite pissed off

Isa Hoes doesn’t understand what that man is doing, she fumes latest episode from her podcast. “This is what I mean. What are you meddling with? Do you know those people, I think? Have you been given permission to talk about this?”

Isa herself also has a bad experience with Bram. “What he did, because I can tell you that right away… When Antonie died, he went terribly… There was such an article in the Weekend or wherever, ‘that I was going to meet myself’. That you really think: who are you? I don’t know you at all!”


Isa thinks it’s way too bold. “He started telling me all kinds of things about what Antonie’s death would do to me. I thought: I’ve never spoken to that man! Where do you get the courage from! To say something about me in a magazine. Yes, I think that’s really terrible…”

She concludes: “Bram Bakker, I’ve never met him before, but get ready!”

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