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The 2024 maneuver makes the INPS bonus structural for VAT numbers in economic difficulty. Who can apply and how much is due? What we know

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In the Maneuver 2024 the Meloni government has inserted a bonus up to 800 euros for VAT numbers and professionals. It will be a sort of “redemption fund” for those who see their income collapse. The official name is “income discontinuity allowance” and will have a value equal to 25% (on a semi-annual basis) of the average of income from work declared in the previous two years. In any case, the sum cannot exceed the limit of 800 euros per month and cannot be less than 250 euros.

What is the VAT bonus

With the new budget law (after cut to relief for mothers), from January 1, 2024 VAT numbers and professionals in financial difficulty will have a Economic INPS bonus of up to 800 euros per month. The Meloni government has in fact decided to make the income discontinuity allowance structural (Iscro) experienced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s about a redundancy fund for professionals and small VAT numbers in difficultythat is, who can demonstrate that they have suffered a loss of income of at least 70% compared to the previous two years.

INPS Bonus

The Meloni government has decided to make the bonus for VAT numbers structural

Who can apply for the bonus?

Article 31 of the Budget Law regulates access to the bonus, or toincome discontinuity allowance. According to what has been reported, those who:

  • they are not entitled to direct pension treatment and are not insured by other compulsory social security schemes;
  • are not beneficiaries of an inclusion allowance (legislative decree of 4 May 2023);
  • have produced a self-employment income lower than 70% of the average self-employment income in the two years preceding the application;
  • have declared in the previous year a income not exceeding 12,000 euros;
  • I am up to date with compulsory social security contributions;
  • are holders of an active VAT number for at least three years.

Calculation of compensation

Il INPS bonusor income discontinuity allowance, may vary between 250 and 800 euros per month for six months. Paragraphs 6 and 7 of article 31 of the Budget Law explain that: “the allowance, equal to 25% on a six-monthly basis, of the average income from self-employment declared by the subject in the two years preceding the year preceding the submission of the application , is due starting from the first day following the date of submission of the application”.

The amount cannot in any case exceed limit of 800 euros and cannot be less than 250 euros per month for the six months for which it is scheduled.

VAT-match bonus

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