Weekend overview SC Cambuur Youth Training: U18, U16 and U14 win, U21 defeat

18 september 2023, 15:53

Just like the first team, the five youth teams of SC Cambuur were again in competition action last weekend (Saturday). Below you will find the results for each team and a brief report of the matches played.

De Graafschap O21 – SC Cambuur O21 (Division 1A, 3-1)
SC Cambuur O21 had a good start when visiting De Graafschap O21. After a combination between Matthias Nartey and Yme Bruinsma, it was the former who put the 0-1 on the scoreboard after just ten minutes of play. After this, the home team got into the game better, the yellow and blue were searching and it quickly became 2-1 for De Graafschap O21. After halftime the match was in balance, both teams created a number of opportunities and SC Cambuur O21 was not awarded a penalty at a questionable moment. Tom van der Werff also hit the crossbar from a free kick and, despite frantic efforts, the equalizer was never achieved. In the final seconds the 3-1 eventually fell to De Graafschap O21.

SC Cambuur O18 – PEC Zwolle O18 (Division 2A, 2-1)
Just like the O21, SC Cambuur O18 started on its own field against PEC Zwolle O18. This resulted in a strong first half hour, with the yellow-blue taking the lead 2-0 after fifteen minutes of play thanks to goals from Roan van der Weij and Sven Dijkstra. After half time the game pattern was much like the fifteen minutes before the tea break. Both teams did not really create any big chances, until PEC Zwolle O18 came back into the match after just over an hour of play by making it 2-1 from a conversion. In the final phase, the visitors tried to force the equalizer with a final offensive, but SC Cambuur O18 nevertheless managed to take the victory.

Fortuna Wormerveer O16 – SC Cambuur O16 (Division 4A, 1-4)
At and against Fortuna Wormerveer O16, SC Cambuur O16 had a great afternoon and it was Wessel van der Goot who gave the yellow-blue team a 0-2 lead in the first act by scoring both goals. It was SC Cambuur O16 that created many opportunities, while the home team mainly had to rely on long balls and became dangerous through transition. That resulted in the following 1-2 in the second act, but almost immediately afterwards Wessel van der Goot completed his hat trick and in the minutes just before the final whistle, Adel Boufennara also contributed. The victory for the yellow-blue was therefore never in danger.

SC Cambuur O14 – AFC’34 O14 (Division 3A, 2-1)
In the home match against AFC’34, SC Cambuur O14 started well and scored the opening goal after a nice action by Quinthen de Boer via Jon Eise de Vries. The yellow-blue then had more chances, but the visitors came alongside through a penalty kick, which resulted from an unfortunate handball after a cross. After the 1-1, the game of SC Cambuur O14 became restless, the deep ball was played too quickly and this resulted in a lot of ball loss. This image continued in the second act, although the yellow-blues did play a little better. Just before the end of regular playing time, SC Cambuur O14 also received a penalty, which was used by Boaz Kingma and caused a big upset.

SC Cambuur O12 – FC Emmen O12 (Twin Games)
Against their peers from FC Emmen, SC Cambuur O12, after the fog cleared and the sun broke through, started the match full of fight and managed to keep it up until the very last whistle. There was good forward pressure, great combinations were made and many so-called ‘Brazilian actions’ were noted on the yellow-blue side. SC Cambuur O12 also managed to score goals in every block and only conceded two goals. Logically, the yellow and blue team left the playing field with a great feeling and a smile from ear to ear. Moreover, it was once again a very educational morning for SC Cambuur O12.

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