Weekend overview SC Cambuur Youth Academy: one win, one draw and two defeats

October 30, 2023, 4:07 PM

Just like the first team, the five youth teams of SC Cambuur were again in competition action last weekend (Saturday). Below you will find the results for each team and a brief report of the matches played.

SC Cambuur O21 – FC Twente/Heracles Almelo O21 (Division 1A, 2-2)
In the home match against FC Twente/Heracles Almelo O21, SC Cambuur O21 tried to dominate from the start and had two big chances to open the score within twenty minutes. However, this did not happen and it was the visitors who took the lead through a scrimmage. While the first half was otherwise evenly balanced, the yellow-blue team ruled the roost in the second half and leveled with a goal from Sybrand Veldhuis.

However, FC Twente/Heracles Almelo O21 quickly took the lead again via a direct free kick, but SC Cambuur O21 continued to create opportunities to get back into the match. After a number of great opportunities, it was Jeffrey Buitenweg who equalized in the final phase. A more than deserved point after a good match, which certainly could have done with more given the style of the game and the number of great chances created for even a winning goal, which unfortunately did not happen.

De Graafschap O18 – SC Cambuur O18 (Division 2A, 5-3)
The match at and against De Graafschap O18 was one with two faces for SC Cambuur O18. In the first act, the yellow-blue took the initiative by quickly putting pressure on the opponent. This allowed for a number of good opportunities to be created. In almost the home team’s first sparse breakout, they were awarded a free kick that ultimately ended up in the goal via the post and goalkeeper Nick van der Walt.

Then SC Cambuur O18 took the initiative again and within a minute the score was level again with an own goal. The match pattern remained the same for the rest of the first half. Until just over half an hour later, De Graafschap U18 took the lead again through a corner. However, the yellow and blue did not leave it at that and just before the break they were awarded a penalty after a solo by Wiebe van der Heide, which was shot in flawlessly by Roan van der Weij.

In the first two minutes after tea, SC Cambuur O18 gave the match away by conceding two goals in quick succession. But the yellow and blue did not give up and continued to look for a connection. Ultimately, this came just before the end after a well-run attack with an assist from Quinton Gustina and a goal from Wiebe van der Heide. However, just a minute later, De Graafschap U18 doubled the margin again, which meant the decision.

SC Cambuur O16 – HVV Hollandia O16 (Division 4A, 1-4)
At its own sports park, SC Cambuur O16 took on the Hoornse Voetbal Vereniging Hollandia O16 and in the first half there were many good attacks and ditto opportunities. This provided a lead through a great goal by Jesse Bangura. After the break, however, the yellow and blue let the game slip completely through their hands and after a quick equalizer by the visitors, they managed to score a total of three more goals in the remainder of the second act.

HVV Hollandia O14 – SC Cambuur O14 (Division 3A, 2-3)
SC Cambuur O14 also played against HVV Hollandia, but in Hoorn. In the first act, the yellow-blue team did not get their game right for a long time due to sloppy build-up. From such a moment the home team took the lead. There were opportunities through good runs, but in the one-on-one with the goalkeeper these were not taken. Ultimately, the equalizer came via handball on the goal line, a red card and a penalty, which was used by Boaz Kingma.

In the second half, the ten men of HVV Hollandia O14 defended themselves bravely, but SC Cambuur O14 took the lead thanks to another penalty, which Quinthen de Boer headed on the rebound. Yet the home team, which played opportunistically, leveled with a striking free kick. The yellow and blue continued to fight and a nice attack was completed by Boaz Kingma on the instructions of Nathan Nicolai. Still a win at the last minute!

SC Cambuur O12 – De Graafschap O12 (Twin Games)
In Koarnjum, SC Cambuur O12 faced De Graafschap O12 for the second Saturday in a row. Just like in Doetinchem, it was a fun and exciting match from the start, because both teams are evenly matched. Opportunities were created on both sides through great teamwork. However, not all collaborations on the side of the yellow-blue worked equally well and that was quickly punished. If it did work, it happened quickly and opportunities arose.

As a result, the number of goals flowed freely. The best moments in the match were ultimately the individual actions of the players of SC Cambuur O12, in which a surplus arose when the direct opponent was played out. After the final whistle sounded, the yellow-blue had to conclude that De Graafschap O12 had scored more goals than SC Cambuur O12. All in all it was a very educational match.

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