Water levels in the IJsselmeer and the Markermeer will also remain very high on Friday

Sandbags have been placed on the Durgerdammerdijk.Image Hollands Noord Water Board

It remains exciting, especially around the Markermeer. The wind will turn to the northeast in the coming days, which means that houses outside the dike may flood. “Because it is not possible to drain into the IJsselmeer, the situation at Edam, Volendam and Hoorn remains worrying,” said a spokesperson for the Union of Water Boards.

The water level in the Markermeer is high and the dike in the southern dike section has been rejected and still needs to be strengthened, according to the mayor of Waterland, Marian van der Weele on Thursday evening. “We understand the concern.” After an inspection on Thursday evening, Rijkswaterstaat concluded that the water will not break over or through the southern dike section, according to the municipality.

Rijkswaterstaat thinks that the water levels on the lakes will be the same in a few days. Because drier weather is expected over the weekend, the outlook is favorable, the service said.

On the dike near Durgerdam, Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier has placed sandbags over a length of 300 meters. Strong winds from a northeasterly direction, which is the forecast for the coming days, can push the water of the Markermeer towards Durgerdam and push it upwards. “Because minute differences in wind direction can lead to large differences in the impoundment, we are erring on the side of caution,” the water board said in a message on the site. According to the shelf, there are no safety risks.

The high water level now also has consequences for shipping. The Oranjesluis, between the IJ and the Buiten IJ, are expected to be closed until Wednesday, which prevents ships from proceeding. On Friday afternoon around 4 p.m., about sixty ships were waiting at the Oranjes locks, Rijkswaterstaat reports. The Canal from Ghent to Terneuzen is also temporarily blocked. This gives Belgium the opportunity to drain water to the Western Scheldt.

Wrecked houseboat

A lot of water flowed into the Maas near Maastricht after a dam broke on Wednesday, exactly where thirty houseboats were moored. They have been evacuated: residents have been accommodated in hotels or are staying with family. A houseboat became loose and rammed a bridge on the Stuwweg. It seemed to be about to collapse, but is still standing.

The resident of the adrift houseboat cannot yet comprehend it. “What should I say?” sounds sad from Irma Brands to a local news channel. “There’s not much to say when you’ve lost your house.” Fire chief Luc Valent said he expects residents will not be able to return until Sunday at the earliest.

Flooded roads

Due to the flooding, major roads in the east and northeast of the country have regularly been flooded due to heavy rainfall in recent days, the ANWB said. On Friday morning, the N345 from Zutphen to Apeldoorn and the N36 between Almelo and Ommen are closed because there is too much water on the road surface. There are also problems in other parts.

A bridge at the Stuwweg in Maastricht was damaged by a loose houseboat.  Image ROB ENGELAAR/ANP

A bridge at the Stuwweg in Maastricht was damaged by a loose houseboat.Image ROB ENGELAAR/ANP

Rijkswaterstaat is investigating how they can best repair the dam. One of the options is to use huge boulders from Belgium to close the hole in the dam. The stones are already on their way, reports Rijkswaterstaat. The nets for those stones alone weigh 8,000 kilos.


The high water in the Maas also led to the Aa en Maas Water Board urgently removing a badger sett from the dike along the Maas at Sint Agatha (municipality of Land van Cuijk) in North Brabant on Thursday. A badger sett is protected, just like the animal itself.

The board was already planning to remove the castle in a nature-friendly manner, but the high water wave in the Maas near Sint Agatha is expected on Saturday and the castle could then threaten water safety, according to the board: “The castle was very close to the dike and we did not know what the damage was in the dike. Corridors could cause a dike breach and a flood. That is why we had to intervene urgently.”


Residents next to the Geul in Limburg have also filled the sandbags. In 2021, places in that region were affected with significant flooding. Deputy Michael Theuns (water, CDA) of the province of Limburg can ‘well imagine’ people’s concerns after 2021. “It’s terrible if you have to deal with high water and damage again.” However, he says the situation is currently manageable.

Dike guards from Rijkswaterstaat have been deployed to Marken.  Image Sam de Joode/ANP

Dike guards from Rijkswaterstaat have been deployed to Marken.Image Sam de Joode/ANP

The Maas reached a highest level on Thursday with a discharge of 1,700 cubic meters of water per second. This is expected to increase to 1,800 cubic meters per second, after which the level will drop, Rijkswaterstaat expects. The water level in the Rhine is expected to peak on Sunday or Monday.

Even then there is little chance of flooding. In the meantime, measures are being taken in various places to combat the high water. Seven water storage areas in Friesland are being flooded. This is necessary because the rivers and streams are chock full of water. Overflow areas are also used in other places to spread the amount of water.

To skate

It is expected to happen next week freeze vigorously, but the water boards must continue pumping out water for the time being. That is not conducive to ice growth. “The flow speed of the water remains high,” said a spokesperson for the Union of Water Boards. Moreover, the water temperature is still quite high, which does not help with a thick layer of ice. “You have the best chance of skating on flooded polders.”

The website overstroomik.nl has been visited en masse in recent weeks. On the site you can enter your zip code or address and see how high the water could reach in the event of a flood. There are also tips on what to do in the event of a flood. The site was even completely down on Thursday due to the massive crowd.

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