War Israel, Iran threatens to attack the city of Haifa

The nightmare of an expansion of the conflict in the Middle East is increasingly concrete. Iran announced an attack on Israel. The number two of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Ali Fadavi, has threatened to attack Israel, indicating the city of Haifa as the target. Iran International reports it. “Some view a direct missile attack on Haifa as the most practical course of action. We will carry out this task without hesitation if necessary and if requested,” said the deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards, specifying however that the decision is not up to him. “I am not the one who decides this task,” he said, speaking to students at the University of Tehran (ISRAEL-HAMAS CONFLICT, LIVE UPDATES).

The real extent needs to be assessed

This is a worrying acceleration in the conflict, but its true extent has yet to be assessed. Last week Fadavi himself threatened a “shock wave” if Israel does not put an end to the “atrocities” in Gaza. The deputy commander of the Revolutionary Guards then added that “the shocks of the resistance front against the Zionist regime will continue until this ‘cancerous tumor’ is eradicated from the world map.”

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