Volendam dismisses chairman Jan Smit: ‘Waiting for Jonk’s dismissal’

Jan Smit

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The supervisory board of FC Volendam intends to dismiss the entire board of the football club. Chairman Jan Smit announced this via social media.

Smit, who started as a director in 2013 and will be chairman from 2022, writes that he will not complete his ten years at Volendam. He also reports that he expects more layoffs to follow.

“We will soon only have to wait for the dismissal of the men who have realized our dreams in word and deed: Wim Jonk, technical director Jasper van Leeuwen and director of training Ruben Jongkind.”

FC Volendam says that Jan Smit’s message was on his own behalf and that more will become clear on Thursday.


Last season there were already tensions between the supervisory board and the club’s directors. Jonk had a successful season as a trainer, but became technical manager this summer. Under the new trainer Matthias Kohler, Volendam is currently in dire straits from a sporting perspective.

Smit points out on Instagram and

“Unfortunately, there are six people at the top level of our football organization who (still) think fundamentally differently from us. That doesn’t matter for the rest, but it does mean that for the first time in my life I am being dismissed because of my ideals for FC Volendam.”

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