Villarreal game suspended after power outage at stadium

The confrontation between Salamanca Unionists e Villarrealfor the King’s Cupthis Sunday (7), had to be suspended in extra time due to a power outage in the place where the confrontation was taking place.

Problems with the floodlights began in the second half, but worsened, leaving the stadium completely dark. With a 1-1 draw in normal time, the match would be decided in extra time. However, there was no way for the ball to roll due to the darkness on the pitch.

The referee determined that there would be a half-hour wait for the power to be restored. However, after the deadline, Villarreal refused to return to the pitch for another 30 minutes of ball rolling. The Yellow Submarine’s allegation is that there was a risk of injury.

The fact angered the home team and its fans, who complained about Villarreal’s attitude. Without an agreement, the match ended up suspended. According to Brandthe match is expected to be completed at noon this Monday (8), as the draw for the next phase of the Spanish Cup will take place at 1pm.

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