Villa Wirz is transformed into a set, Gerard Butler in Palermo for the film “The Hand of Dante”

The set of the international production starring Oscar Isaac and Gerard Butler has been revealed. The film “The Hand of Dante” by Julian Schnabel is filmed at Villa Wirz. Together with Florence and Rome, Palermo is the city chosen to be the scene of the film based on the novel of the same name by Nick Tosches, released in 2002 (in Italy, published by Mondadori with the title “La mano di Dante”).

The film tells the daring adventure of a literary critic whose life is intertwined with that of one of the most famous writers of all time: Dante Alighieri. The ancient Villa De Simone Achates Wirz, dating back to the 16th century, is the location chosen by the large international production. On the last day of set in the villa, Oscar Isaac and Gerard Butler together with Franco Nero shot some scenes both in the park and in the halls with the coffered roof and small-format majolica.

Meanwhile, Butler and Isaac enjoy the sun and beauties of Palermo before moving on to Rome and Florence. The cast also includes Jason Momoa and Gal Gadot, in the role of Juliet.

Villa Wirz

Increasingly recognized as an international location, the villa in Partanna Mondello has been the scene of other international and national films: from Paganini with Klaus Kinski, Il Gattopardo to La Baronessa di Carini with Luca Argentero and Vittoria Puccini, as well as being chosen as a set for private events especially from foreigners.

The plot of the movie

The plot of the film by American painter and director Julian Schnabel follows two parallel narrative lines. In the present, the original manuscript of the Divine Comedy turns up on the black market in New York. Literary critic Nick is contacted to verify that it is the authentic copy. However, those who contact him are not intellectual colleagues, but rather people linked to the mafia.

In front of the priceless object, he is overwhelmed by a rush of courage and madness. So, he challenges the mafia and steals the manuscript. For him the doors of a journey reminiscent of Dante’s from hell to paradise open wide. Accompanying him on this tortuous journey is Juliet, his Beatrice. In the past, Dante is married to Gemma, but the marriage is at an end. He feels trapped and flees to Sicily. Once he arrives on the island, he creates his work bigger than him and thinks back to his lost love, Beatrice.

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