Villa General Belgrano, one of the cities most affected by the storm: two women were swept away by the water

Volunteer Firefighters rescued two young people in the middle of the storm in Villa General Belgrano (Source: X)

And fierce storm of rain and hail affected a large part of Córdoba between last night and this morning, especially Villa General Belgrano, one of the most important tourist places in the province, leaving as a result floods due to the overflowing of the stream, flooding of streets, road closures and vehicles covered by water. In addition, two women had to be rescued when they were swept away by the rushing water.

According to the information provided by the National Meteorological Service, the storms broke out in the south, mainly in the city of Río Cuarto, and as the hours passed, they moved to other areas of the center such as Villa General Belgrano, Los Reartes and Los Molinos.

The heavy rainfall was recorded by neighbors, who shared their videos on social networks. In one of them, for example, it is shown at vicinity of a renowned Hotel, in the roundabout area, completely flooded, and the cars covered by water.

This was the flooding in Villa General Belgrano after the storm

During Saturday night, two young people who had been left in the middle of the storm were rescued by the Villa General Belgrano Firefighters, who prevented them from being carried away by the current in an area where the water was raging and reached a meter high. The girls were trying to get home on a motorcycle when they were surprised by a violent flood.

Other tourism sectors that were affected in the middle of the summer season were José de la Quintana, Potrero de Garay, La Cumbrecita, Santa Rosa de Calamuchita, Río Tercero, Traslasierra, Villa de las Rosas and Las Tapiasamong other.

The adverse weather conditions also caused the suspension of the second day of the Jesús María National Dressage and Folklore Festival, as the evening unfolded.

There were even many localities that suffered power outages, so the Provincial Energy Company of Córdoba (EPEC) reported that it is working to restore service in places that still remain without it.

Villa General Belgrano was one of the Córdoba towns most affected by the storm (Source: X)

The province of Córdoba was under an orange and yellow alert this morning and the accumulated precipitation values ​​were, on average, between 40 and 90 millimeters.

The period of greatest intensity occurred in the early hours of Sunday morning. Although it was for a short time, it caused the streets to begin to flood after the water overflowed, generating various complications. In fact, the streets of the Capital of Córdoba looked devoted, while The Cañada overflowed.

Faced with the overflowing of the Cordoban streams, the provincial authorities confirmed that several families from Villa del Dique had to be evacuated due to the entry of water into their homes, so the intervention of the High Risk Units Department (DUAR) and the Volunteer Firefighters was ordered.

In parallel, several damages were reported on public roads, such as the blowing up of the roof on the municipal property of The Reartes and the destruction of a Police van that ended up crushed by rubble, reported The twelve. The Highway Police even partially cut off traffic on kilometer 64 of provincial route No. 5, at the height of the Los Molinos dam, due to the fall of several trees that hindered the journey.

Floods in Córdoba: the La Cañada stream overflowed (Source: X)

In Córdoba Capital, the municipality reported that there were 52 evacuees. Of that total, 20 are adults and 32 are children, all belonging to the El Chaparral, Gūemes, Los Artesanos, San Felipe and Alejandro Carbó neighborhoods. They were housed in different establishments.

Regarding weather conditions, the Meteorological Service announced that the storm alert will remain in place throughout Sunday, but there would be an improvement on Monday. In fact, temperatures are expected to be around 30° with cloudy skies and isolated rains in some locations in the province.

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