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In addition, the Belgian war drama Wil by director Tim Mielants (Peaky Blinders) will also be released on Netflix next Wednesday.

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Badland Hunters (Friday 26/01, Netflix) Action film in which Seoul has been transformed after an earthquake into a place where the law of the strongest applies. A hunter tries to rescue a kidnapped teenager from a crazed doctor. Read the review.

Sit Down with Stand Up: Udom Taephanich (Friday 26/01, Netflix) Talk show in which Thai stand-up comedian Udom Taephanich talks to Yuthana Boonorm and shares personal stories and perspectives with him.

Kung Fu Zohra (Friday 26/01, NPO 2) Action-packed drama film from France about a woman who suffers from her husband’s violent behavior, but does not want to leave him for the sake of their daughter. She takes lessons in Kung Fu to fight back.

Expats (Friday 26/01, Amazon Prime Video) Six-part miniseries from the film’s director The Farewellabout three American women in Hong Kong (including Nicole Kidman) whose paths cross after a family tragedy. Read the review.

Masters of the Air (Friday 26/01, Apple TV+) War drama from the makers of Band of Brothers in The Pacificabout pilots (including Austin Butler) who fly missions over Nazi Germany during World War II. Read the review.

Doctor Slump (Saturday 27/01, Netflix) Romantic drama series from South Korea about two brilliant doctors who were rivals during their school days and meet again. They have both had a breakdown and now find comfort in each other.

The Capture S02 (Saturday 27/01, Canvas) British thriller series in which detective Rachel Carey (Holliday Grainger) delves into the world of disinformation again, when a politician appears to have fallen victim to a deepfake. Watch the trailer.

The Greatest Night in Pop (maandag 29/01, Netflix) Music documentary that looks back on an event from the eighties, when the most famous musicians in the world recorded the song We Are the World recordings to raise money for charity.

Dial M For Middlesbrough (maandag 29/01, BBC First) Third in the series of three feature films that serve as comic variations on Agatha Christie stories. This time Gemma and Terry are stranded with their bus in a sinister caravan park where all is not well.

Jack Whitehall: Settle Down (dinsdag 30/01, Netflix) Special by Jack Whitehall, who can also be seen in the series on Netflix Travels with my Father. The British comedian talks about, among other things, the fact that he has settled down and has also become a father.

NASCAR: Full Speed (dinsdag 30/01, Netflix) American documentary series focusing on NASCAR motorsport: drivers and teams are driven by passion and fame and give everything to become champions and write history.

Sullivan’s Crossing (dinsdag 30/01, Net5) Romantic drama series from the author of Virgin Riverabout a neurosurgeon (Morgan Kohan) who returns to the village where she grew up after getting into trouble with the law. Watch the trailer.

Wil (Wednesday 31/01, Netflix) Belgian war film about two young police officers who are forced to help the German occupier in the early 1940s in Antwerp with the manhunt for Jews, but at the same time also support the resistance. Watch the trailer.

Baby Bandito (Wednesday 31/01, Netflix) Fact-inspired drama film from Chile about a young and poor skateboarder who plans to rob a dangerous gang in order to show his love to his wealthy girlfriend. Watch the trailer.

Alexander: The Making of a God (woensdag 31/01, Netflix) Combination of documentary and drama, in which reconstructions by experts and historians are provided with context, about Alexander the Great and his strong desire to conquer the world.

Love Never Lies: Poland S02 (Wednesday 31/01, Netflix) Polish version of the reality series from Spain in which six couples test their trust in each other through a lie detector test. Deception costs money, but the truth is rewarded.

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