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It was a day of presentations and welcomes this Tuesday in Boca. The Xeneize leadership, with Juan roman riquelme to the head, presented Cristian Lema and Kevin Zenón as the two new faces that Diego Martínez will have available this year among his ranks. However, it was not just talking to the press and telling his first feelings but there was more: a visit to the playing field, a photo in the locker room and a tour of the facilities.

After the press conference, the club’s official account uploaded a video showing behind the scenes of the two protagonists. First, the arrival at the looker room with their shirts on the rack (Lema will wear number 2 while Zenón will wear number 22), even with amazement: “Look what this is,” the younger man was heard saying. Then, they walked through the tunnel and it was time for the clicks, with full clothing and in the middle of the field.

Finally, the images detailed parts of the press conference that took place in the vicinity of the Bombonera, with phrases from Román in between welcoming them, some comments from the new players and the closing postcard with the president and Raúl Cascini.

Everything ready and prepared for the official start of the Xeneize calendar this Saturday against Platense from 7 p.m. in Vicente López. Will there be time for one more presentation?

Boca Juniors 24-1-2024

The video that Boca uploaded about the presentation of Lema and Zenón

When will they be able to debut at La Bombonera?

The truth is that even though they were able to step onto the Temple field, The reality is that the sand that still continues on the Brandsen 805 playing field remains an uncertainty for the debut of the two players. Although they may have their debut against Calamar, their debut at Bombonera (on Thursday, February 1 against Sarmiento from 7 p.m.) could be delayed a couple more dates or even play in another stadium. Of course, it will depend on what Juan Román decides…

Lema was present in both friendlies.  However, it was his first time in the Temple with the blue and gold (Prensa Boca)Lema was present in both friendlies. However, it was his first time in the Temple with the blue and gold (Prensa Boca)

Motto and Zenón to the fan: “We are going to fight everything”

Motto: “It was a dream, beyond the fact that I already played a friendly. As a child it is an illusion, one sees it very far away. Today it is a reality and I am very happy. Every step in my career led me here. I am happy. What I’ve experienced so far in this short period, it’s beautiful to see the people, the passion for a club as big as Boca, it’s incredible. I came with the objective of enjoying, from responsibility, what I have to do. “I know it’s not easy to get here, it cost me a lot and I don’t want to regret the moment I’m living.”

Zeno, in the Temple.  (Boca Press)Zeno, in the Temple. (Boca Press)

Zeno: “I was very anxious, I wanted it to be defined as soon as possible to be in this beautiful club, to put myself on par with my teammates. “It’s a dream, I’m very happy, I’m going to leave everything on the field.”

Motto: “It is the most important step in my career, without a doubt. I have a lot of experience, due to my age. That doesn’t mean anything. It seems like you have to be 22 years old to play and that’s not the case, there are different situations. It’s difficult, you can’t see it.” what it is here. In other clubs it is not like that. I know very well that it carries a lot of responsibility and seriousness. You have to live up to it, I’m talking about enjoying it. “I am at the stage that I had to be in my career to be here.”

The presentation of Lema and Zenón as reinforcements for Boca with Riquelme.The presentation of Lema and Zenón as reinforcements for Boca with Riquelme.

Zeno: “I feel happy, for me Riquelme is an idol, we always shouted his goals in Goya. I have the memory of those goals, one tried to tell them that way. Now I know him and I’m happy to be here. “I hope to return that trust.”

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