Video: the two controversies in favor of Barracas against Gimnasia

The controversy was present at the Chiqui Tapia stadium during the match between Barracas Central and Gimnasia, key in the fight for permanence. El Lobo, who won 1-0, increased the advantage after a great collective action defined by Matías Abaldo, but The VAR called to review a possible foul on Iván Tapia and the referee Andrés Merlos annulled it. And then, in the second half, Guapo was given a dubious penalty with which he temporarily tied the game.

The first action that brought a tail was a touch by Eric Ramírez on Iván Tapia. The one of Gym He spikes the ball and then drags the player’s leg slightly. Tents, which fails the next pass and creates what was 2-0 for Lobo: nice play with a backheel from Tarragona and a pass from Colazo for Abaldo’s goal. But…

From the VAR in charge of Fernando Echenique they called Merlos to interpret the play on the monitor. The judge understood that the brush against Tapia (he did not complain or fall to the ground) fell within the APP concept (“period of play during an attack before an incident that can be reviewed”) and decided to annul it.

The great goal annulled for Gimnasia

La Plata Gymnastics 24-10-2023

The great goal annulled for Gimnasia

The other controversy of the afternoon was in the run-up to the (partial) draw in Barracas. Germán Guiffrey went all out to clear inside the area and Sepúlveda collapsed: Merlos did not hesitate and scored a penalty. Was? In the repetitions that were seen on TV it is not completely clear, but in principle it is a finite action. Below, the one from Gymnastics touches the ball, but in one of the shots it seems that he also drags his leg.

Contrary to the other play, In this case, there was no call from the VAR for Merlos to see the action again., beyond the desperate request of the Lobo players, convinced that Guiffrey had touched the ball. Iván Tapia himself was in charge of kicking to make it 1-1 but, almost immediately, Cabral scored 2-1 and the visit added three key points in the fight to avoid relegation.

Was it penal for Barracas?

Central Tents 24-10-2023

The controversial penalty for Barracas

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