Video: the controversial goal disallowed by Talleres against Vélez

Talleres celebrated a goal against Vélez that was not validated by the referee Facundo Tello at 31 minutes of the second half. What happened? There was a free kick from Sequeira that was combed by Jara, from Fortín, and bounced off Portillo, from Córdoba. The ball was left to Ovando, clearly enabled, who scored the ball. Diego Gómez, from Vélez, rejected the ball in a situation that the television replay is not enough to determine if he completely crossed the line.

Tello, informed by the number one assistant judge, Lucas Germanotta, sanctioned offside, while the T footballers assured him that the ball had passed the goal line: a different argument. The central judge waited for the notice from the VAR manager, Mauro Viglianotogether with Gisella Trucco in the AVAR, to order the continuity of the game with the free kick in favor of Vélez from the Córdoba team’s offside.

What did the VAR interpret? He had no evidence that the ball crossed the line. What is indefensible is the offside that Tello sanctioned at the request of Germanotta. Because? Because Portillo started in the center of Sequeira and then the ball was deflected by an opponent, it was not a pass from a teammate.

Remember: the VAR intervenes if there was a goal.

Watch the two videos of the play

Córdoba Workshops 5-11-2023

The goal that was annulled against Talleres

Velez 5-11-2023

The goal that was not given to Talleres

Something to keep in mind: at least in the television broadcast, no replay was shown with a camera located on the baseline, which would have helped verify if the ball had crossed the line. That was something very fine…

Vélez before Talleres (Fotobaires).Vélez before Talleres (Fotobaires).
Vélez before Talleres (Fotobaires).Vélez before Talleres (Fotobaires).

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