Video: Jokic’s incredible triple to beat the Warriors on the hour mark

Another trick of the Joker: the star of the Denver Nuggets, Nikola Jokicsank it from midfield to win the game. Yes. Against whom? Nothing more and nothing less than before the Golden State Warriors of Stephen Curry. With just 3.6 left on the clock, the Serbian received the ball after a throw-in, stepped forward and threw it. The match was tied 127 – 127.

In a match full of twists and turns, the Nuggets and Warriors faced off at the Chase Center, a stadium located in San Francisco. Curry’s 30 points didn’t do much for the Joker’s 34.

Jokic celebrates his shot to win the game (EFE).Jokic celebrates his shot to win the game (EFE).

In the third quarter, the team made up of Curry and Klay Thompson was able to make the difference, with 44 points, over the 24 of the Nuggets. In the last quarter of the game, the home team was 18 points ahead on the scoreboard. Everything seemed to indicate that the game was doomed. But the locals couldn’t stand the result, and Denver attacked mercilessly.

Despite having converted the final shot to win it, the Serbian did not do it alone. His teammates also had great individual performances. Aaron Gordon scored 30 points for the personal account, added to his nine rebounds and two assists. Besides, Jamal Murray scored 25 pointsdistributed six assists and got two rebounds. Peyton Watson also contributed 19 points..

With the game tied and less than five seconds left on the clock, the two-time MVP received the ball, crossed the court, and with just one second left, threw the ball over Kevon Looney. The Warriors center did his best, but it didn’t help much, since after bouncing off the backboard, the ball went in and the Denver team rushed out to celebrate the victory. The match ended 127 – 130.

How are the teams doing this season?

Curry and his team are not having a good season (AP). Curry and his team are not having a good season (AP).

On the Nuggets side, the team won 25 games and lost 11. The fact that surprises many is how strong they were at home: of the 17 games they played in their city, they only lost 3. On the other hand, as a visitor , their record changes: they won 11 and lost eight. Currently, they are third in the league’s Western Conference.

The Warriors aren’t having the same luck, and they still can’t find a good rhythm this NBA season. They are positioned 11th in the Western Conference, and with a negative record: they won 16 and lost 18. As a visitor they only won six, losing nine. And in San Francisco they won ten and lost nine. Will Curry’s talent be enough to turn the situation around?

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Nikola Jokic 5-1-2024

Jokic’s triple to win the game

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