VIDEO: Brusque beats Amazonas and takes runner-up in Series C 2023

Brusque x Amazonas in Series C (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues/NSC)

Brusque x Amazonas in Series C (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues/NSC)

Brusque lost 2-1 to Amazonas this Sunday (22), at the Augusto Bauer stadium, in Brusque, and finished runner-up in Series C of the Brazilian Championship. Despite this, Quadricolor is guaranteed in Series B in 2024.

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Before the ball rolled, Marreco fans prepared a big party to welcome the Quadricolor players, as was also seen in the stands of the Augusto Bauer stadium.

With the ball rolling, the game was electric from the opening minutes. Brusque got a penalty after Dentinho shot and Patrick deflected it with his arm. Guilherme Queiróz took the shot and converted in the 12th minute.

Jhemerson left the field on a stretcher and had to be replaced by Balotelli in the 23rd minute of the game. Furthermore, Amazonas reached a draw at 45 with Diego Torres.

After the break, Amazonas didn’t take long and turned the score around with Sassá, who took advantage of a cross in the area and finished past goalkeeper Matheus. Behind the scoreboard, Brusque invested mainly in aerial plays, but it was not possible to reach a draw and take the decision to penalties. Confusion arose after the final whistle and players were sent off, such as Edson Mardden and Marcão.

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In addition to Brusque Amazonas, Operário-PR and Paysandu-PA are guaranteed in the second division of the 2024 Brazilian Championship.

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