The woman who has moved us with “Lord Lover” and has made us roar like “A lot” celebrated this weekend, in Uruguay, another year of pure magic and talent.

Born as Maria Cristina Lancelotti, is not simply a singer; she is an artistic force. Her voice has left an indelible mark on stages and hearts throughout Latin America. Her successes deserve special mention, turned into authentic hymns sung in chorus by her followers.

But its impact is not limited to music. Valeria has made a mark in musical theater with notable performances in productions such as “Evita” y “Cats”demonstrating a versatility that transcends the limits of the stage.

Awards and recognitions adorn his career, but what truly distinguishes Valeria It is the unique connection you establish with your audience. More than an artist, she becomes a musical confidant, selecting the perfect song for each moment.

That is why the artist decided to celebrate her birthday with her people on stage and not only sing all her classic songs like “I can’t wait to never see you again.” y “out of my life”but I also premiere a new song called “How little they know about me”.

In Lots of Radio 94.7 We always celebrate your eternal successes!

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