Valentín Barco goes to Brighton in England

Photo Maximiliano Luna
Photo: Maximiliano Luna.

The midfielder Valentine Boat He notified him on Saturday afternoon Boca Juniors who made the decision to leave the club and gave him time until Tuesday to accept a new offer from Brighton of Englandthe entity that intends to incorporate it.

In the event that the transfer does not take place, the 19-year-old footballer will He also plans to distance himself from the xeneize entityfrom the execution of the termination clause, valued at 10 million dollars.

In the last hours, Brighton increased the offer it had presented on Friday: He added 500 thousand dollars to the 10 million for 90 percent of the pass and Boca would keep the remaining 10 from a future sale.

The British club raised the figure so as not to have to execute the clause, in a decision that could be made with a gesture of good will by the Ribera institution

The Premier League team had already shown interest in the Buenos Aires player during the last transfer market, but the negotiations did not come to fruition. At the time, Barco had intentions of staying to play in the Copa Libertadores and, for this reason, he did not exert any pressure.

What was agreed upon in the extension of the contract in February of last year consisted of maintaining the termination clause at 10 million dollars, although with a protection mechanism. In this way it was automatically raised to 14 million, if it is executed within the last 20 days of the transfer market. This period will begin precisely this Tuesday the 9th.

Riquelme couldn’t hold it back

The president of Boca, Juan roman riquelme, was evaluating the possibility of offering him a new contract with a substantial salary increase, to make him one of the highest-paid footballers on the team, on a par with Marcos Rojo and Edinson Cavani. But the footballer’s idea of ​​continuing his career abroad ruled out the possibility of a contractual increase.

Last week there was a meeting about this issue between the members of the Football Council, their parents and their representative, Adrián Ruocco. But ‘Colo’ Barco’s wish was maintained and the operation will be carried out.

Photo Maximiliano Luna
Photo: Maximiliano Luna.

In February 2023, the youth player renewed his contract until next December, after a long conflict that even left him without playing for a long time. In the middle there was a rejected offer to the Spanish Getafe, beyond the interest of Brighton and some survey that Manchester City also did.

Barco is currently training with the U23 team led by Javier Mascherano. to play the Pre-Olympic tournament that will be held from Saturday the 20th in Venezuela.

Barco played a total of 35 games in Boca’s First Division during the 2023 period, with one goal scored.

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