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In a night full of nerves and suspense, Dancing 2023 saw the elimination of two beloved couples: Coki Ramirez y Martin Salwe. After intense deliberation by the jurors Ángel de Brito, Flor Vigna, Moria Casán and the public vote, the track said goodbye to these talented participants.

Emotions on the surface in Bailando 2023: two unexpected couples were eliminated • Canal C

With six couples hanging in the balance, the crucial decisions of the juries set the tone for the continuation of the contest. Angel de Brito saved Yeyo of Gregoryhighlighting the effort and evolution of the amateur participants. Flor Vignafor its part, opted for the couple of Alexis “the Rabbit” Quirogapraising their passion and the potential they can still demonstrate. Moriah Casan gave his vote to Brian Sarmientohighlighting the intensity and passionate connection of this couple.

However, the jurors’ decisions left Martin Salwe, Anabel Sanchez y Coki Ramirez in the hands of telephone voting. The final verdict, announced by Marcelo Tinelli at the close of the program, revealed that the couple of Anabel Sánchez and Tito Díaz continues in the competition with a 53,9% of the votes. On the other hand, Coki Ramírez says goodbye with the 34,2%while Martín Salwe obtained the 11,9%.

Con Lourdes Sanchez, Came from Acosta, Luciano “El Tirri”, Noelia Marzol, Yeyo of Gregory and now Anabel Sanchez As the top 8 participants, the competition intensifies at Bailando 2023.

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