TV rights assigned to Sky and Dazn for a five-year period

The Serie A football league has assigned the television rights for five years, from 2024 to 2029, to Dazn and Sky with 17 votes in favor, Cagliari and Salernitana against, Napoli abstaining. Around 900 million euros per season will go to the League. Dazn will still broadcast all 10 matches of the championship, of which 7 are exclusive, while 3 matches per week will be broadcast by Sky. For the clubs in the top flight, 4.5 billion guaranteed will arrive from the two broadcasters over five years, from 2024-25 to 2028-29, plus a possible billion based on share and subscriber levels.

The CEO of the Lega Serie A, Luigi De Siervo, in the press conference at the end of the club meeting: “The base is 900 million euros per year, of which 700 from Dazn and 200 from Sky, for five years, but through the revenue sharing tool with Dazn the figure can far exceed that of the previous three years, reaching one billion. We worked well in advance to find the best solutions with broadcasters. The difficulty was to achieve certain objectives in a market corrupted by piracy, we tried to get the most, with all the checks this was the best possible economic condition”.

The comment of the president of Napoli, Aurelio De Laurentiis: “I don’t want to be polemical, the problem is being entrepreneurs or takers. Sky and Dazn are not competent, they are not good for ‘luxury’ Italian football. The patron supported the creation of a League channel for the enjoyment of our championship matches: “It’s stupidity to make an agreement for five years. The methods of resumption of our football are laughable compared to the Premier League for example. These choices will never implement the system of Italian football, which involves important investments, football always thinks to be supported by others. Italian football is supported by its fans, the fans are the absolute asset of a football club, my relationship must be with the fans, not with Sky or Dazn. When I sell a package in which I find cinema, Champions League, TV series, entertainment inside, I won’t understand the true value of Italian football.”

The president of Torino, Urbano Cairo, however, totally agrees leaving the offices after today’s meeting: “In my opinion we did the right thing, the canal was a fascinating project in some ways but also very risky. I have never been afraid to take risks, I have turned around companies that were losing hundreds of millions. But adding to the business risk football, already important, that of the television channel in my opinion was a mistake” explains Cairo “With Dazn and Sky there are good prospects, now we have to fight piracy to improve the number of subscriptions”.

The president of Lazio, Claudio Lotitoat the end of today’s meeting: “It is the victory of the League, not mine, but of Italian football. Was De Laurentiis not happy? Unfortunately we are twenty presidents, it is never possible to create unanimity. He did not participate in the vote, we have taken note. It is not a “It’s a static offer, but it’s a dynamic one that gives peace of mind to the system to which other revenues will be added which will become important for the League. As in all things, you always have to find the meeting point.”


Claudio Lotito (Gettyimages)

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