Tuscany, the Bisenzio floods. Two victims in Prato and Rosignano. Giani: “State of emergency”. A missing person in Veneto

A man missing in Veneto and schools closed a TrevisoVicenza, Verona and Bellunowhile in Tuscanyfrom Livorno to Alto Mugello, continue strong temporal. And an 85-year-old was found dead in his home on the ground floor of a house in Montemurloin the province of Prato. A second victim found a few hours later in Rosignano. The Bisenzio river flooded in the town of Campi Bisenzio (Florence)in Ponte alla Rocca, in the historic center, and others Capalle Bridgeand in Santa Lucia, a neighborhood of Pratowhere it took away parked cars, while water entered the hospital Santo Stefano, flooding the basement and part of the ground floor. The situation of the Lotti hospital is also critical Pontederawhich has suspended surgical activity and the dialysis service, given that the operating rooms and dialysis department are on the ground floor flooded with water.

Near Prato, a Seanonear Prato, the Furba torrent broke its banks, causing damage and fear. A situation that pushed the president of Tuscany Eugenio Giani to invite citizens not to take to the streets. “Do not travel by car, those who can reach the upper floors of the houses,” he wrote on social media and then added: “I have declared a regional state of emergency and I am already in contact with the government for the national one. The situation is really very serious.” The Storm Ciaranwhich is alarming the Western front of Europe, on both sides of the English Channel, will fall on theItalia at least until Sunday, bringing with it rain and strong winds. The wave of Atlantic bad weather has already hit the British Isles and the Northern Europewith peak winds of up to 200 per hour which knocked down trees and created serious problems for transport, reaching up to Spain.

VENETO – The man who is missing is a fireman who, off duty, was helping his father fix some sandbags along the bank of a stream, in Belluno. The man would have slipped, ending up in the waterway swollen by the rain, in the area between Puos d’Alpago and Bastia. The firefighters are searching for him, but the rain is hampering their operations. Also in the Belluno area, some landslides of mud and other material have been reported Cima Gognanear Auronzowhile the effects of the wind, which increased in intensity in the evening, are affecting the Treviso area, in particular Gaiarine, where the roofs of some houses were exposed. There Region has established the closure of schools for tomorrow in the Municipalities in the Red Zone, i.e. the entire Province of Belluno and the affected areas of the provinces of Treviso, Vicenza e Verona. A Belluno e Verona stop to lessons, students at home also in 42 out of 95 municipalities in the Treviso area. In Verona, the level of the Adige is also being monitored: the tunnel that allows part of the water mass to flow into Lake Garda could be reopened.

TUSCANY – An 85-year-old man was found dead this evening in his home on the ground floor of a house in Montemurlo, in the hamlet of Bagnolo, in via Riva, in Prato. The man was poured into the water, in the completely flooded room. The police also intervened on the spot. The rescuers hypothesize that the elderly man was unable to reach the upper floors and drowned but only a more in-depth examination will clarify the causes of death, which could also be linked to an illness that occurred during the emergency.

Experts expect one in the next few hours strong flood of the Arno riverwith transit of peak a Pisa tomorrow, Friday, at midnight. In the river basin Sievemaximum tributary of the Arnothe levels are in growth with exceeding the reference thresholds in Mugello and reaching the maximum of the last decades on the downstream thresholds. A situation that requires attention due to the hydrogeological risk that can produce sudden disruptions.

Fear and tension among the inhabitants of the town of Seano, near Pratofor the damage caused by the flooding of the stream Cunning. The load of water in fact combined with that which did not flow from the sewers and there were floods in the streets of the town. Flooding in the same city as Prato while in the municipality of Carmignano there are over four families forced to abandon their homes, especially on the border with Quarrata. Many people who have water on the ground floors have sought refuge on the upper floors of buildings. Civil Protection forecasts report that during the night the rainfall – continuous and intense here for five hours – will decrease. L’Ombrone Pistoia it is also lowering its level thanks to an expansion tank opened in the Iolo district of Prato. Videos posted on social media by residents show the muddy current of the Bisenzio and the muddy waters in the streets. In the historic center the streets are narrow and the level has risen rapidly. Parked cars are dragged away. Furniture, furnishings and objects carried by the flood float and hit walls, lampposts and buildings. The comments reveal the residents’ fear.

FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – From today at noon to midnight tomorrow Udine it closed parks e public gardens, sports facilities, museums, libraries, cemeteries. Also Trieste he closed the gardens. Between the two regions on red alert Trenitalia has suspended the movement of trains on the routes Portogruaro-Casarsa and Portogruaro-Trieste, and the eastern Veneto transport company has also suspended all bus connections to Friuli. Orange alert in Trentino. The watercourses and slopes are under observation for possible landslides; Lower temperatures and wind are on the way.

Same ‘color’ in Emilia Romagna, where strong thunderstorms are expected particularly in the central-eastern mountain areas. The Ligurian East it is confirmed as orange and worries the sea: Waves of up to six meters are expected. In the Lazio is yellow alert, while the Sud runs for cover, closing schools tomorrow NapoliCaserta, Benevento and Salerno. For the whole day tomorrow in Taranto, access to the tree-lined areas of gardens, parks, villas and city cemeteries will be prohibited.

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