Türkiye plans to buy 40 Eurofighter Typhoon jets

Türkiye plans to buy 40 Eurofighter Typhoon fighter jets, National Defense Minister Yasar Guler said Thursday, Report informs via Anadolu.

“We want to buy Eurofighter. It is a very effective aircraft. These aircraft are related to the UK, Germany and Spain,” he told parliament. Both the UK and Spain say ‘yes’, and now they are working to persuade Germany. The UK and Spain say: ‘We will solve that problem’. If solved, we plan to purchase 40 Eurofighter jets.”

He said F-16 and F-4 jets that are in the Turkish Air Force inventory are sufficient for the tasks Türkiye will conduct.

“But of course, we are looking beyond. For this, we applied for the F-35, but some problems arose with the F-35. We are also working on alternatives,” said Guler.

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