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Successive developments witnessed in the American political arena during the past few hours, the hero of which was the US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, who was hospitalized after suffering complications from a surgical operation without informing US President Joe Biden for 3 days and a number of officials, including Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks.

For his part, former US President Donald Trump said that US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin had been missing for one week, and no one, the crooked Biden – as he described it – had the slightest idea of ​​his whereabouts, adding on the “Truth Social” platform. “The failed minister must be dismissed immediately,” according to what was reported by the Russian “Russia Today” news network.

Yesterday, Sunday, the US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, announced that… US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who has been at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center since January 1, is recovering well and in good spirits.

Trump: Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s performance was bad

US President Joe Biden was not informed about the matter for several days AustinWhat was informed by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan last Thursday

Trump criticized Austin for not announcing his presence in the hospital for several days, and the former US president referred to inappropriate professional behavior and dereliction of duty. Donald Trump also considered that the Defense Minister’s performance was poor, according to what the “Russia Today” news network reported. Russian.

The US Department of Defense, the Pentagon, concealed information from the White House for 3 days about the admission of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to the hospital, while the ministry announced last Friday that he had been admitted to the hospital last Monday due to complications resulting from a routine medical procedure, and spent 4 days. In intensive care.

Trump: The Secretary of Defense should have been fired a long time ago

Former US President Donald Trump added that he should have been dismissed Lloyd Austinhe and former Chief of Staff General Mark Milley, for many reasons, in particular the disastrous surrender in Afghanistan, was perhaps the most embarrassing moment in American history.

In a comment on a tweet by the American news network CNN, that Kathleen Hicks, Deputy US Secretary of Defense for Lloyd Austin, did not know anything about her manager’s recovery and began carrying out her duties while on vacation in Puerto Rico, the journalist at the Huff Post website and New York Magazine asked: The American, Yashar Ali, asked whether Austin had undergone a sensitive surgical procedure to rejuvenate problem skin and prevent signs of aging, or had he undergone a procedure to remove fat and slimming?

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